Tsume is going to release the HQS Ulquiorra Schiffer ( ウルキオラ・シファ ) 1/6 Polyresin from the popular manga/anime “Bleach” ( ブリーチ ). Will be released in Q1 2014. Around 350mm tall and 320mm wide (with base) ±8 kg, €289 (taxed in). Only 400 pieces will be available worldwide.

——Description from Manufacturer——


Behold our vision of the charismatic n°4 Espada, the mighty Ulquiorra Schiffer. We chose to set the key moment in his first fight with Ichigo, when Ulquiorra pierces him in the chest and Ichigo discovers with fear that this man is not even the strongest of his foes… The contrast between the background and the character emphasizes the lot and the result is visually astonishing!

Ulquiorra is an unshakeable person… his ambiguous character is the exact opposite of Ichigo’s. Calm in all circumstances, his blank face shows only some “tears”. The hollow he has on his chest as well as his Espada tatoo on his heart are some of his features you will find on this statue.

Ulquiorra’s painting is all in nuances as the character is almost just black and white. Gradation in these colors recreate the materials textures: bone, fabric, skin…

This is our first Bleach’s HQS statue to offer more than just a simple base to display the character. We were inspired from a scene of the show so the base gets the background elements from this very scene. It pictures floor and wall from the room where Ichigo is flung when fighting Ulquiorra in the Hueco Mundo.

Once more, painting do sublime the modeling with the color effect: gloss, mate… with an alternation of red and grey.