Yamato is going to release the Amanda Werner ( アマンダ・ウェルナー ) Niθ Illustrate Ver. ( Niθ氏描き下ろしイラスト ver. ) non-scale PVC figure from the anime “Blassreiter” ( ブラスレイター ). Will be released in April 2010. Around 280mm tall, 11,800 yen.

You can order her here 

The Amanda Werner GK makes her way into PVC figure finally. The price tag is a bit scary but since she is so big (280mm tall is around 1/5 scale), I would consider it reasonable.

Just like I said in the Amande Werner GK post, this figure or even the illustration doesn’t looks like Amande in the anime at all. And this outfit never show up in the anime. I wonder if there is any story behind this outfit.

You may find that this Amanda Werner and the Al Azif that we saw yesterday look areally alike. Yes, the character designer of both Al Azif and Amanda is Niθ. I find that it’s kinda funny that Orchidseed just announced the Al yesterday and now Yamato announce this Amanda. It would be cool if you can put them together side by side. But too bad they’re not in the same scale. =P

Just a quick photochop. It would be cool if we can do this. =P

Blassreiter OP