Megahouse is going to re-release the Petit Chara! series ( ぷちきゃら! シリーズ ) Sailor Moon Chapter of Petit Punishment! ( 美少女戦士セーラームーン ぷちっとおしおきよ!編 ) trading figure from the manga/anime “Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon” ( 美少女戦士セーラームーン ). Will be re-released in June 2014. Around 60mm tall, 500 yen each (3,000 yen for a BOX of 6 pieces). 12 kinds in total.

  • You can order them here:

——Description from Manufacturer——

With the release of the new anime set for July of 2014, “Sailor Moon” is getting more and more exciting. As the 1st edition of the “Petit Chara! Series” enjoyed a great response, a resale has already been decided. This is a lineup of all 6 characters, from Sailor Moon to Tuxedo Mask. Each character has two expression patterns, and they can be moved using ball joints in their necks and lower backs.

  • Sailor Moon ( セーラームーン )

  • Sailor Mercury ( セーラーマーキュリー )

  • Sailor Mars ( セーラーマーズ )

  • Sailor Jupitor ( セーラージュピター )

  • Sailor Venus ( セーラーヴィーナス )

  • Tuxedo Mask ( タキシード仮面 )

  • Luna & Artemis ( ルナ & アルテミス )