Art of War is going to release the Guts ( ガッツ ) The Spinning Cannon Slice ( 大砲斬り ) 1/6 Polystone figure from the manga/anime “Berserk” ( ベルセルク ). Will be released in August-September 2014. Around 330mm x 380mm x 250mm. 100,000 yen for Limited version1, only 88 pieces will be available; 95,000 yen for Limited version 2, only 44 pieces will be available. Each figure attached a nameplate with serial numbers 001~132.

Here comes another Guts figure from Art of War! For detail about the Limited Version 1 & 2 and how to pre-order him, please visit Art of War website HERE for more information. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

The Spinning Cannon Slice is a combined movement of a blow of Guts’ sword Dragon Slayer and the Cannon that bears on his left arm. The sculpture refers to the scene where Guts uses this skill against the tentacle monsters of the phantom ship in volume 35 of the comic. Moreover, we also did some modification so the model will not totally same with the scene.

The statue is about 33 cm width, 38 cm depth, and Dragon Slayer is as much as about 26.5 cm. With excellent dynamic modeling work on the deck simulated base, the fluttering cloak and sword, rotating motion in the entire molding is recreated.

About the Colour Paintings
Every piece is hand painted by skillful artisans.
There will be differences on colours of each item, especially on the details of the blood stains.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

About the Price
Since we pay for the factory by US dollar, manufacturing costs have increased more than 30% to the significant depreciation of the JPY from last 2 years.
Cost cut is difficult to our products because the production line is manual labor with hundreds of modeling and painting steps, and a limited low-volume production. All this reflected on the sell price unfortunately.
We are trying our best to low down the price and to improve the quality for each of our work. We will also continue to find ways to improve the diversification of our products.
Thank you for your kind understanding.