Art of War is going to release the Black Soldier Winter Journey Limited II ( 『黒い剣士』(冬の旅路)限定II ) 1/6 Polystone figure from the manga/anime “Berserk” ( ベルセルク ). Will be released in May 2018. Around 350mm x 460mm x 370mm (with base and sword), 78,000 yen. Only 20 pieces will be available. Each figure attached a nameplate with serial numbers 51~70.

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Long time now see and Happy New Year everyone! My New Year is pretty bad so far. I got a very bad flu last Thursday and had high fever for couple days. Went to the emergency and need to be on medication until this Sunday. I’m still very sick right now. Hopefully we will not have many figure news this week so that I can really take some rest. (@@.

For those of you who want to get this Black Soldier Winter Journey Limited II figure, you can pre-order him at Art of War HERE.

——Description from Manufacturer——

This product is developed based on the "20th Anniversary Product", Winter Journey Product. We have improved and developed the left hand of the Guts, with the image of raising hands to the enemy posing in a black swordsman. The cloak turns gently with the influence of wind and brings the movement in the Guts to fight with the enemy. The reproduction of this high-quality product was very difficult for ART OF WAR to bring the image of the cloak moving here and there which is the influence of wind.
You are able to see the complex reproduction of the cloak where some parts are facing upward, some downward.