Here is the final 10 for the BeFA 2014 May! You can go to the official BeFA 2014 website HERE and vote for your favorite figures of May. There is a section called “Favorite Website of Figures”. It would be great if you can select Nekomagic! =D

By the way, 7 out of 10 figures that we nominated earlier this month successfully entered the final 10. We did pretty good!!

  • 01. Shiro by Kotobukiya
    02. Nanami Chiaki by Phat! company
    03. Saber Extra by Kotobukiya
    04. Shimakaze Half-Damage Ver. by quesQ
    05. Mikasa Ackerman by Kotobukiya
    06. Devil Homura by ANIPLEX+
    07. Rakuen no Otome Susie Sun by Skytube
    08. Uchiha Itachi by Tsume
    09. Kosaka Honoka by Good Smile Company
    10. Psychic [Pink Harley] by Max Factory