Welcome to the BeFA 2014 (Best Figures Awards)! Once again Nekomagic.com has been invited to be one of the BeFA nomination committee members!!

We have 7 members in the nomination committee so far. Each of us will nominate 10 PVC figures (no GK, no plastic kit) each month which their pre-order started in that given month. And then the committee will select the top 10 figures out of all the nominated figures form the members. After that the committee will post the top 10 figures that the BeFA website and the general public can make their vote to select the Best Figure of the Month.

At the end of the year, there will be a Best Figure of the Year. The general public will vote the best figure out of the 12 Best Figure of the Month.

Sorry I’m not good at explain things. Basically I’ll need to nomainate 10 figures to the committe and at the end you guys (general public) can vote the top 10 at the BeFA.

I have selected 14 figures but I don’t know which 10 I should submit. So I think maybe you guys can give me a hand and help me to pick the Nekomagic top 10 of January? I need to submit my top 10 to the committee before February 03. So I set the ending time of this poll on February 2 @ 23:59 (PST).

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