Bandai is releasing a unique toy called “Peller Model”, a kit to make cute little action figures of you and your friends. Around 100mm tall, 500 yen.

Bandai’s “Peller Model” kit to make your own one-in-the-world action figure is to be released on July 18th for 500 yen. This is the “Basic-M” kit, can be used for both male and female. The kit includes one Peller Model unit, two sheets for test print, one sticker sheet and a stand. And they comes in four colors.

It is very easy to make. First you download and install the original software, open your favourite picture and adjust the frame. You can choose your outfit from 70 or so templates, or you can use the clothes you’re wearing in the picture. Just print the sticker, put it on the Peller Model unit, snap it off the frame and you’re done!

It is 100mm tall. With 16 joints, it can stand on its own dispite being 2mm thin. You can use not only photographs but any images so maybe you can make action figures of you and your favourite anime character, date her in the figure world. Or is that too pathetic? =D

Official Peller Model homepage

via Gigazine