Phat! company is going to release the Suzunoki Rin ( 鈴乃木凜 ) & GSX400S Katana (GSX400Sカタナ ) 1/10 PVC figure form the manga “Bakuon!!” ( ばくおん!! ) written by Orimoto Mimana ( おりもとみまな ). Will be released in May 2016. Around 140mm tall, 15,800 yen.

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I know nothing about motorbike and I don’t really understand those terms in the Bakuon!! manga, but I still like this manga a lot. =D If you wonder why the title “Bakuon!!” ( ばくおん!! ) looks reallyu like “K-ON!” ( けいおん!), because it is! Orimoto Mimana does it on purpose. The main characters and their relationship in Bakuon!! is just like those from K-ON!, and covers of the Bakuon!! manga look just like K-ON! too. XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

“My motorbike is the most epic bike of all time!”

From the manga series with an upcoming anime series that features high school girls and motorbikes, ‘Bakuon!!’, comes a figure of Rin Suzunoki based on an illustration specially drawn for the figure by the original author of the series, Mimana Orimoto. Rin’s cheerful smile from the series has been faithfully preserved on the figure, as has the ‘brand’ that was left on her bottom…

The motorbike bike she is riding is none other than the bike she claims is the most amazing in the universe – the Suzuki GSX400S Katana! This is the first ever model of the GSX400S Katana, and the design has been intricately sculpted through CAD sculpting using the actual bike as a reference. Translucent parts used for the lights and indicators for an even more faithful rendition of the motorbike.

An interchangeable seat part is included allowing you to choose to display Rin riding on the motorbike, or instead display the motorbike on its own. The side stand leg is articulated for display, and a specially designed base and transparent stand are both included. The unique form of the bike, the star-shaped wheels and even the meters on the bike have all been faithfully included leaving both fans of the series and motorbike fans with a product they will be proud to own!

*Licensed by SUZUKI.