Welcome to our new home! August isn’t fun for me at all. Moving server for Nekomagic was a big task for me which took me around 2 weeks. How do you guys like the new server? Honestly I don’t really like it. I experienced a lot of 500 error when I tried to post or edit. Do any of you see the same 500 or even 404 error?


  • As of this moment, Nekomagic.com is ranked 93,386 (was 111,652 in July 2010). Finally we’re officially going back int 100,000! But I expect to see the ranking drops in next month since we were moving server and that makes Nekomagic.COM had about 1 week without enough visit.
  • Right now, we have 5,870 registered user (6,190 in July 2010). Aaaah, I screwed up the database and lost quite a lot of registerned user’s data. If you find that you can’t login in for some reason, please register again. (@@.
  • Now we have 1,215 feed subscribers (1,186 in July 2010), and 690 email subscribers (644 in July 2010). We should be better than this if we weren’t moving server. Oh well, it isn’t that bad anyway. =P

July was a slow month for me so I didn’t buy many stuff.

S.H.Figuarts Cure Berry from Fresh Precure by Bandai. S.H.Figuarts is a bit pricey and their quality can’t comparewith figma or Revoltech. But they’re still good for a poor man collector like me.

Cheapo Kotobukiya plastic model! I can’t remember how much it is. It think it’s around 1,500 yen or so.

Figutto Kousaka Tamaki!!!! I finally can get my hand on her after delayed by Griffon for 4 months. (T___T.

Revoltech Aldra! The sculptor is my favorite Miyagawa Takeshi. I like this figure a lot.

Let’s see Figutto Tama-nee in action! =D

The box is huge! It’s like the size of a 1/8 PVC figure’s box. Because of the size, the shipping alone is almost 1200 yen. =/

This is how it looks inside the box. They really don’t need such a big box if it didn’t comes with that huge transparent accessory box.

The accessory box is way too big for me liking. And I don’t like the black base, I want a transparent one. =(

From left to right, Revoltech Queen’s Blade, Fraulein Revoltech, Figutto, figma, S.H.Figuarts. As you can see, the Figutto Tama-nee is pretty tall. She is even taller than the Fraulein Revoltech.

Changes faces is so easy on Figutto. They used magnet to hold the front hair so you can take the front hair out and put it back easily.

As for the neck, they have a ball joint on top to connect to the head. I tried to put a figma or Revoltech head on the ball joint but it didn’t work. I never tried it but I think this joint will work like a charm for those 1/10 WAVE PVC figures.

Unlike 2 parts torso of figma and Revoltech Queen’s Blade, Figutto has 3 parts so it is more flexible.

The worst things of this Figutto Tama-ness are her feet. Why do Griffon have to make them flat? It’s sooooo ugly. =(

The nails are painted.

Same as all of her hands.

Now let’s see the Revotlech Queen’s Blade the Queen of Demon Aldra!

There aren’t many thing to say about Aldra. She is just another Revoltech Queen’s Blade figure. All we care is about cast-off anyway. =P

Loli body for the win!!! =D

For those who are curious, she does has a right eye. =P

Just like the other Revoltech Queen’s Blade, Aldra comes with damged clothes and she is fully castoffable.

You see the hole on her butt, that’s for the um…. sword?

I’m a bit disappointed about the shoulders. Due the poor design, her shoulders can’t move side way. =/


Hole! Hole! Hole!!! XD

Last but not least, here is our friend Toro-kun!! Wow!!! XD

Download the uncensored pic here

“How to get Password” detail at download section