Movic is going to release the Ikaruga Ibuki (斑鳩 いぶき) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga “Asu no Yoichi!” ( 明日のよいち!) written by Minamoto Yuu (みなもと悠). Will be released in August 2008. Around 190mm tall, 5,880 yen. Castoffable.

I don’t know how many ppl here know about the Asu no Yoichi manga, but I love it. Out of the 4 sisters in the Ikaruga family, my favorite is Ayame. I don’t really like Ibukui much since you know I don’t really like bakuyuu. I’m so looking forward to the Ayame figure! Ibuki can go home! LOL. Oh, btw, both Ayame and Ibuki figures are rated 15+. So I believe both of them are castoffable. =D

Couldn’t find anymore pic of Ayame yet. I’m post more pic when I find more. =]

Original size and uncensored pic at download section

Official Minamoto Yuu (みなもと悠) homepage