• As of this moment, is ranked 112,974 (was 124,707 last month). Got a lot of unexpected visitors from Mexico and Japan which make up around 23% of total visit. They took the top 2 & 3 most visit to Nekomagic and they weren’t there last month.
  • Right now, we have 1969 registered user (1725 last month), 302 feed subscribers (290 last month), and 181 email subscribers (170 last month). We’re still growing, but not as much as I thought.
    • For some reason the feed subscribers dropped 10% in April. We used to have around 330 feed subscribers 3 days ago. But somehow dropped to 302 as of today. I wonder what Google did again this month.
  • The income of March from Google Ad is $41.57! Compared to $30.63 in Feb and $33.67 in Jan, we were doing good! If you want to support us, please click the banners. (I say exactly same thing every month. =P ).
    • FYI, all the incomes that we get are toward the Nekomagic Shop. More funding we have, lower price we can bring to you guys. So please keep clicking the banners. XD
    • But again, I think Google really did something bad this month. The income of the Google Ad dropped like 50% in the past 2 days. We used to have >$1 a day, but in the the past 2 days we only had around $0.5. I start to hate Google. =(

Nekomagic Shop Updates:

  • We’re still working on the Nekomagic Shop. Thank you for all your votes. Now we decided to bring you guys Max Factory figma, Kaiyodo Revoltech, and Kaiyodo Fraulein first. (See the poll below)
  • Trying to draw a mascot, but my drawing skill sux big time… OTZ

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Anywhy, here are the toys that I got in March!

I bought a lot last month, but most of them are cheap stuff.

Miyuki GET! Now I have all 4 Lucky Star girls. You will see 4 of them in action blew. XD

Going to get the Mikuru that just released this month to make a complete set.

Lucky Star trading figures. Believe it or not, there are the most expensive stuff that I got last month. Around US$62.

Anyone into Saint Seiya?

Ken! Now I can play with Ryu and Ken together, LOL. XD

Fresh Precure trading figures! I sold all the extra already.

$62 for a complete set of trading figure is so $$$ IMO. I should just bought a PVC figure instead. OTZ

Wonder why I show you guys a manga magazine?

This is why! It comes with a Suzumiya Haruhi Fraulein Bust Statue!

Bought her for like $14 in a local store, a big rip off. OTZ

Last but not least, here is our hero Toro-kun and the Lucky Star girls! =D

Toro: Why me again?