FREEing is going to release the Shiratori Amane ( 白鳥天音 ) Miyazawa Limited Edition Pink Ver. ( 宮沢模型限定版 ピンクVer. ) 1/4 PVC figure from the eroge “Anata no Shiranai Kangofu” ( あなたの知らない看護婦~性的病棟24時~ ). Will be released in December 2011. Around 440mm tall, 14,096 yen. Castoffable.

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You can order her here

This alternative color version of the Shiratori Amane figure poped up out of nowhere all of sudden. She will be released in the same month (probably same day) of the original White version. For some reason FREEing didn’t announce this Pink Ver.when they annouced the original White Ver. back in August. Since most people who want this Shiratori Amane figure had perordered the White Ver. and most likely they will not get this Pink Ver. too. Then will it make this Pink Ver. really rare and becomes an collector item in the future? XD