SoftBank Creative (manufactured by Kotobukiya) is going to release the Eustia Astraea ( ユースティア・アストレア ) -Seraphic Edition- Gemaga Ver. ( -セラフィック・エディション- ゲーマガ ) 1/8 PVC figure form the eroge “Aiyoku no Eustia” ( 穢翼のユースティア ) published by August. Will be released in March – May 2012. Around 280mm tall, 470mm long, 12,800 yen (taxed in). Gemaga magazine, SBCr Shop, Kotobukiya Shop, and Kotobukiya Direct exclusive.

Download the Aiyoku no Eustia wallpaper here (15 kinds x 6-7 sizes)

For those who want to get this Eustia Astraea figure, you can order her at Gemaga magazine Vol.12 2011 (mail-in), SBCr Shop here (before January 11, 2012), Kotobukiya Shop, and Kotobukiya Direct here (before January 09, 2012) with your proxy service.

Gemaga magazine Vol.12 2011

Aiyoku no Eustia OP