ASCII Media Works (manufactured by Max Factory) is going to release the figma 154 Kuroyukihime ( 黒雪姫 ) Accel Assault Ver. action figure PSP/PS3 game OVA “Accel World -Awaken of Silver Wing-” ( アクセル・ワールド ―銀翼の覚醒― ) . Will be released in February 2012. Around 150mm tall, 3,800 yen (taxed in). Dengekiya exclusive.

You can order her here

This Kuroyukihime only shows up in the OVA that comes with PSP/PS3 game “Accel World -Awaken of Silver Wing-” ( アクセル・ワールド ―銀翼の覚醒― ). For those who want to get her, you can order her at Dengekiya HERE with your proxy serivce before September 30, 2012.