SEGA is going to release the A Channel EX Figure Vol. 2 Nishi Yuko “Yuko” ( 西 由宇子 ” ユー子 “) non-scale PVC prize figure from the manga/anime “A Channel” ( Aチャンネル ). Will be released in February 2012. Around 170mm tall, *1,500 yen.

*Due to the nature of prize items, the price “1,500 yen” is for reference only.

Nishi Yuko “Yuko” (left), Tennoji Nagisa “Nagi” (right)

Yeah! Here come A Channel EX Figure Vol. 2 Yuko and Nagi prize figure from SEGA!!! They were supposed to be released in last year, but for some reason SEGA cancelled them and announced the Vol. 3 instead. I’m so glad SEGA bring the back now. =D