Happy Miku’s Day!!! Today is March 09, it’s Miku’s day! It’s not that March 09 is Miku’s birthday. It’s just “3” and “9” sounds “Mi” and” Ku” in Japanese. Because of that, a “39’s (Miku’s) Thanks Giving Day” event is held by SEGA in Zepp Tokyo today.

(yellow words) “Leek is not allowed“, LOL

39’s Thanks Giving Day CM

Just to celebrate the 39’s Day, here are my Miku collection! I don’t have many Miku stuff tho.

In order to celebrate the 39’s Day, a game center in Akihabara lower their price for the Miku game machine to 100 yen per game.

I really want that ToroxMiku plush! (@@.