Name Akatsuki Ringo
Series Koi wa Akai Hana
Manufacturer DRAGON Toy

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

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Hello friends, Today I’ll review Dragon Toy’s age restricted Ringo Akatsuki ero-figure. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m reviewing another ero-figure, especially one that features full frontal nudity without obstructions. Ringo will be my first Dragon Toy figure that I have opened and actually admire for the quality and attention to detail. Dragon Toys have been doing erotic figures since the early 2010s, ranging from realistic renditions to comic/anime sculpts from T2 Tony’s artworks and series. They have pedigree, but do they have what it takes to please me? Lets get down and dirty shall we?

The packaging is sufficient for a product of this size, a large window with tissue paper censoring the nudity, and a plethora of plastic sheets to protect the paint finish.

Opening the box, you’ll find no additional parts for the figure, aside from a transparent plastic stand to prevent Ringo from falling over. If Ringo is on a flat surface, the plastic stand shouldn’t be needed, and it just looks ugly with it. As I stated earlier, Ringo comes with full frontal nudity; no cast off parts, or additional parts for poses or facial expressions.

Going from top to bottom, her facial expression looks so cute. A nice blush, kind of pouting, and biting her lower lip while she masturbates.

Her hairstyle is stylish and cute, the creases and strands of hair are well defined. The wavy ponytail bundle seems a little over exaggerated? It looks like she’s in front of a fan or outdoors in the wind, but this is a minor concern in the grand scheme of things.

Moving on to the body, although her upper proportions are highly exaggerated, the body curves are fantastically sexy, and her large breasts have a plump natural shape. Her blush pink areolas puff up a bit and her fully erect nipples make for a fantastic sight. Unfortunately, Ringo shares a similar problem with Genco’s Alleyne, where the huge breasts stands out too much, making the figure look disproportional. If you were to measure her breasts and compare it with her face, its almost 1:1. If you look closely at her neck and collarbone, it’s well defined, and combined with her small slender shoulders give an air of femininity.

I think the main point in which this figure shines is the sculpting of the vagina, the labia lips are properly sculpted and isn’t just a half-assed camel toe job and “call it a day” type of sculpt. The blush pink painting, although, matte in texture, gives her a pure shoujo feeling, also lends a bit of realism to the figure.

Her thighs and calf are slender but look muscular, just like what you would expect from a female swimmer. Honestly, Ringo looks fantastic and Dragon Toy should be proud of what they have produced.

Honestly, I dont think that swimsuit of hers will “ever” fit, not in a hundred years. While on the subject of swimsuits, the open cross back design and sculpting of the ripples look great. The seems of the suit are also well defined, especially on the cross section and straps. The painting of the suit, along with the well sculpted ripples, give it a nice visual rubbery texture feeling as you would expect from a swimsuit of this kind.

The tan lines are subtle but are fantastically done, especially around the collarbone/chest area, and the more noticeable cross section in the back. The eyes and face receive very good marks for painting, but I wish the hair didn’t look so flat and matte. The skin colouration and tan lines are even and excellent; combined with the blush on her face, and the pink private parts, Ringo feels very real. No real perceived blemishes on painting, Ringo receives near full marks!

One major important thing I must give props to Dragon Toy for is how the limbs are attached. For those who know me, I hate how most nude/cast off figures in the market today include these rings/bangles on the girls arms like it was a natural thing.

I understand that casting an entire body is difficult work, but please, try to make it atleast “work” with the figure, what Dragon toy did with Ringo is genius. The tightness of the cross back and straps give the illusion of a single whole casted figure, but her left arm is cleverly attached at the strap. It looks great, it looks natural, and she looks freaking sexy.

A minor gripe that I would add to what would otherwise be a perfect review is some QC on the parts which are casted separetely. The right hand which is rubbing/covering her vagina has some mold lines that make it look rather…bleh? By this point, I know im nit-picking, but if im paying 12,000 yen for a figure, I do expect most of the figure to be flawless. Have a guy with a nice xacto knife get in there and trim the flash please.

I am super pleased with Ringo, and major props to Dragon Toy for sculpting her, and AmiAmi for having her for sale.

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