Name Alleyne Complete Defeat in Swimsuit! Soft Figure
Series Queen’s Blade
Manufacturer Genco

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I love castoffable figures, especially if they have squishy breasts, so I decided to take a gamble with this Alleyne. This Alleyne is Genco’s first foray into the plastic model business, their usual modus operandi is contract animation production. So why would an animation company like Genco be interested in plastic model production? No one knows, but they are not the first to do so.

The main selling point of this particular Alleyne is it’s castoffable soft breasts. The proportions and the shape of the breasts are exaggerated, they’re “blown” up and slightly droopy. Its made of a rubbery material, somewhat akin to silicon but not really.

The first thing one notices when opening the box is the strong stench of rubber and plastic. At first glance, the model looks great, but the finer details is where marks get docked. Due to the “special” nature of the product they are trying to sell, the integration of the breasts into body is fair at best. The bottom of the breasts is more or less seemless, but the top, especially near the collar bone where the bikini parts connect is problematic.

4 holes are punched into the body to connect the neck loop (2) and the 2 straps that hold up each leaf pad.

The crease lines left behind by the joining of the body and chest is very unsightly, but it’s fairly unnoticeable from a distance as the arms and leaf collar covers most of it. If one were to display Alleyne fully nude, it would be impossible not to notice the hideous lines and holes.

A common complaint from the community is the crease imprints the leaf pads leave during packaging. Fortunately, mine mostly disappeared after a couple of minutes of fondling, but this is certainly a problem for Genco and innovative model production using newer materials. Instead, my complaint about the breasts is the peeling of the paint/colouration on the nipples, which is why the right nipple is flesh coloured. The overall colouration of the breasts and the body is very close, and again, looks fine from a distance.

Since the panties come off, one must be wondering how detailed it is “down” there, but sorry to burst your bubble, there is absolutely nothing to show.

The castoff panties is meerly marketing scheme, which I think is a poor way to sell your figures when the overall product is not very well conceived.

Since were on the topic of bottoms, another common complaint from the community is how the legs attach to the body, at the knees. While they are not noticeable when viewing her from the front or at a distance, from the side, one can see the seem line in which they are joined.

Personally, I like how they implemented the legs, instead of the industry practice of using bangles to attach the arms. On that note, the arms are attached to the body via “vines”.

The paint job on her is quite good but very flat. The face is well defined and crisp, the nails are paint pink, the leaves are precisely painted brown and green, and the hair is well shaded. Again, the breast and body colouration is quite good, but the gradient between them differs on a closer look, otherwise its unnoticeable from a distance.

For a first try, Genco did a fairly respectable job, not only for the squishy breasts, but the model as a whole. But, with all first tries, a plethora of problems exist. If it wernt for the fact that this Alleyne was on sale, the thought of purchasing her would have never crossed my mind. As an owner of this model, I wouldn’t recommend paying MSRP for this product, it might end up to be a very expensive and erotic paper weight. Finally, I would like to recognize Nekomagic for providing great daily content updates and for hosting my reviews, and AmiAmi for selling me Alleyne.

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