Urukomon ( うろこもん ) is going to release the Momijihime ( 紅葉姫 ) Banquet Ver. ( 酒宴の図Ver.) non-scale GK from the original character of Chilmiru ( チルミル ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer] on July 24, 2016. Around 140mm x 195mm x 175mm, 37 parts, 30,000 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

Here we got 12 new GK for WonFes today! WF2016[summer] is coming really soon and I’m not sure if I still have time to post more new GK before the event. Oh well, I’ll see.

Urukomon is featured in the 31st Wonder Showcase with the “Bakeneko Onmyoji Tsukikage“!! Urukomon is one of my favoites GK circles and I’m so happy that they’re being featured in WSC this time. =D

The table number of Urukomon is “4-12-10”. You will find them there!