Name Hatsune Miku Orange Blossom Ver.
Series Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-2nd
Manufacturer Max Factory
Modeler koyakoya117 (18+)

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

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Here comes the first weekend of February and let’s check out some Makaizou fgiures! I found this Makaizou modeler “koyakoya117” when I was browsing Y! Auction few days ago. What caught my eye was he made two versions, big-boobs and flat-chested, of the same Miku figure! =D

February 3, 2017: I will write a step-by-step guide to “buy Makaizou figure from Yahoo Auction Japan” later tonight. I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

——What is Makaizou?——

For those who are new to “Makaizou” ( 魔改造, “Devil Modification” literally), basically when someone modified a figure (e.g. PVC figure, gashapon/trading figure, GK…etc) by taking out the clothes, adding *important parts, or doing any erotic modification, it’s called “Makaizou”. In short, make a normal figure into a naked/ero figure = Makaizou.

Don’t e-mail/message me about where or how to buy Makaizou figures. For those who are interested to buy any kind of Makaizou figures, you can search “魔改造” in Yahoo Auction Japan, Amazon Japan, and Rakuten. Or go ahead and e-mail the modelers directly. You just need to login and you will find the modeler’s website at the bottom of the page. Please don’t ask me about it anymore!! All of this kind of e-mail or message will be ignored!!!

How to: Buy Makaizou figure from Yahoo! Auction Japan

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Download the larger & higher quality uncensored pic here

“How to get Password” detail at download section