Giga Pulse is going to release the Posing Figure Vol.3 ( ポージング・フィギュア第3弾 ) Hongo Yukino ( 本郷 雪乃 ) Peeing Ver. ( 放尿ver ) 1/8 PVC figure form the eroge “Kowaku no Koku” ( 蠱惑の刻 ) published by Tinker Bell. Will be released in June 2017, 11,880 yen.

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When I thought Giga Pulse was dead, out of nowhere they announced nine figures all together today. Once again Giga Pulse set the bar really high. The expression of these girls are very common in the ero manga/anime but you don’t always see other any other manufacturers dare to make this kind of expression for their PVC figures. XD