A reader from China e-mails me and tells me he loves *special* adult figure. He couldn’t find one he likes so he decided to made one by himself. Doing makaizou is hard enough for most of us but wow, he just built one from scratch!

Warning!!! The following figure maybe too disturbing for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.
This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.


——Words from the author——

I made this figure with Polymer Clay. It’s around 18cm tall.

I wasn’t interested in this kind of guro style few years ago. Until some weird stuff showed up in the social media in China such as futanari and extreme pussy spread. I became very interested in this kind of stuffs which I had never seen before. Therefore I tried to express this kind of new things in figure making.

I love characters with blonde hair, long skinny limbs, and big boobs. Then I mixed futanari, extreme spread, and piercing into this figure. Also I oversized some area so that it has huge boobs and pussy.

As a side note, some parts of this figure can be removed and exchange with other parts. Such as I made 4 pairs of shoes, and the sexy organ can be removed.






*The original text from the author is written in simplified Chinese. The English text is loosely translated by our staff.

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