Tuberosa+ (Ochidseed) is going to release the Kokuten Tae ( 国天妙 ) Pajamas de Mojimoji ( ぱじゃまでもじもじ ) 1/5.5 PVC figure from the ero monthly manga magazine “Comic Aun” ( 月刊コミック阿吽 ) illustrated by Inuburo ( いぬぶろ). Will be released in October 2020. Around 280mm tall, 16,500 yen. Castoffable.

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Here comes my best girl Kokuten Tae again!! (check out our Kokuten Tae Special review HERE (18+)) This is an instant pre-order for me, no question ask! Many people worried that this one was not castoffable when Orchidseed showed in WonFes. But Orchidseed never disappointed us! =D