FREEing is going to release the B-style Kurose Riku ( 黒瀬陸 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the BL manga series "10 Count" ( テンカウント ) written by Takarai Rihito ( 宝井理人 ). Will be released in May 2019. Around 280mm tall, 12,778 yen.

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Wow! We have another big figure news update today!! =D

Purchases of Kurose Riku from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Shikishi Illustration as a bonus! The bonus will be sent at the time your product is ready to ship. Designs shown here is for illustrative purposes only. The final product may differ.

I don’t know what FREEing is doing with their naming thing. As FREEing always state in the ordering sheet, B-style means "Big Size" (1/4 scale) and not necessary means "Bunny Girl". There are quite a lot of B-style figures are NOT bunny girls. So why the heck they put this Kurose Riku figure under the B-style series???

——Description from Manufacturer——

"Do you choose to reject, or do you choose to be disgraced?"

From the BL manga series that has sold over two million copies and has an anime series in the works, "10 Count", come 1/8th scale figures. The first in the series is a figure of the psychotherapist loved by BL fans around the world, Kurose Riku! He is the very first male figure to join the B-Style series, with an original design illustrated by the manga’s author, Rihito Takarai.

The illustration was a huge hit when revealed, and now it has been transformed into a figure for fans to enjoy by their side. All the details of Rihito Takarai’s illustration have been faithfully included on the figure – he has been sculpted with a gentle and composed expression on his face, his shirt opened to reveal his sexy chest and abs as he holds a lash in hand. Be sure to add the charming Kurose Riku to your collection!