Girls’ Frontline – Type 97 Heavily Damaged Ver. non-scale PVC figure by FLARE

FLARE is going to release the Type 97 ( 97式 ) Heavily Damaged Ver. ( 重傷ver.) non-scale PVC figure from the Chinese mobile game “Girls’ Frontline” ( 少女前線 ) developed by MICA Team. Will be released in June 2021. Around 120mm tall, 15,800 yen. Continue reading »

(18+) Coming Soon – June week 5, 2020

We’re getting a new figure manufacturer "Bishop’s Rondo"! It is a sub-brand of Aoshima. Seems like having a sub-brand for adult figure is a new norm. Almost every big manufacturers have their own 18+ sub-brand now. XD

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  • Noodle Stopper Yui by FuRyu
  • TOKYO:CartoonY figure -Hatsune Miku- by FuRyu
  • Special Figure Lancelot, Cocoa Cheerleader Ver., Pecoline by FuRyu
  • SSS Fairy Tale series Rem The Little Mermaid by FuRyu
  • Super Sonico Bunny Girl by FuRyu
  • Ichiban Kuji: Dragon Ball Rising Fighters with Dragon Ball Legends by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -Three- by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Re:Zero -Story, To be continued- by Bandai Spirits
  • Vertex Originals "Tight Works" series
  • Type 97 Full damaged Ver. by FLARE
  • Racing Miku 2019 Thailand Ver. by Aquamarine
  • Blanc Waking Up Ver. by Broccoli
  • Asuna Miko Ver. by Souyokusha
  • Fina by Myethos
  • Frame Arms Girl Architect Nipako Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • GGG Ple Two by Megahouse
  • Rockman (Mega Man) VS Forte by Megahouse
  • P.O.P "Warriors Alliance" Trafalgar Law by Megahouse
  • Unicorn by PLUM
  • Kocho Shinobu by Funny Knights (Aoshima)
  • Anmi Pink Label Flamingos Ponytail Girl by Daiki Kougyou
  • Yu by Orchidseed
  • Mashiro Ikone by Fots Japan
  • Nikukna Girl B by Insight
  • Aya Pink Limited Distribution Edition by Hanabatake to Bishoujo
  • Succubus Lulum by Bishop’s Rondo (Aoshima)
  • Chocola by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Miya Atsumu by Orange Rouge
  • Nendoroid "Fuyuki Kosode" Miku by Good Smile Company
  • [Awakening Rivalry] Mitake Ran by Good Smile Company

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