Coming Soon – September week 5, 2016:

Max Factory is having their own exhibition by themselves! I’m moving this week so I don’t think I’ll have time to post the exhibition report this week. I’ll see if I will have time next week then. Oh wait, I also have the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016 report to do. Hopefully I can get the internet setup in the new place ASAP. Moving sux!!! X(

By the way, I’ll have to put my figures into their boxes and I’ll need to unbox them in my new place again. I hate moving!! X(

I’ll try to post the exhibition report if I have time this week.

  • Akiyama Yukari, Kafu Chino, Noodle Stopper Kotegawa Yui, Caligula by FuRyu
  • DXF Saitama by Banpresto
  • DXF Hijikata Toshiro & Sakata Gintoki Special Color Ver. by Banpresto
  • WCF JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable. Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • Creator x Creator Shirahoshi, Silvers Rayleigh by Banpresto
  • The Nake ~2017 One Piece Body Calendar~ Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • Dragon Ball Collection Vol. 2 by Banpresto
  • Dramatic Showcase ~4th aeason~ Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • SPM Love Live! Sunshine!! by SEGA
  • Togo Mimori by Alter
  • Miyaguni Akari by WAVE
  • Street Fighter Bishoujo Rainbow Mika by Kotobukiya
  • Ultimate Madoka by Aniplex+
  • Todo Kirin by Aspire
  • CharaGumin Alice Shimada by Volks
  • RAH DX Haman Karn by Megahouse
  • Hakamada Hinata White Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Mimi Balguerie Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Caster/Medea [Lily] by PLUM
  • Chocollect Premium ~Koi ni Naritai Aquarium~ by Bandai
  • Max Factory Figure Exhibition 2016
  • Nendoroid Takami Chika by Good Smile Company Continue reading »

Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Togo Mimori 1/8 PVC figure by Alter

Alter is going to release the Togo Mimori ( 東郷 美森 ) 1/8 PVC figure form the anime “Yuki Yuna is a Hero” ( 結城友奈は勇者である ). Will be released in April 2017. Togo Mimori is around 250mm tall (with base); Aobozu is around 60mm tall (with base), 14,800 yen. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – April week 3, 2015:

The Buy/Sell section is almost done! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it this week! =D

  • Togo Mimori, Super Pochaco by FuRyu
  • Takara Miyuki Miyuki Cosplay Ver. by SEGA
  • PM Sinon GGO Ver.2 by SEGA
  • Natuiro Shojo Manatu-chan by Orchidseed
  • Chitose, Mary by Native
  • Doronjo by PLUM
  • AGP Yamato Kai by Bandai
  • Hestia, Ogata Chieri by Kotobukiya
  • Gattsu Seijin-san by Surprise Next
  • Sinon by Kaitendoh
  • Valcanlog Hyakuya Yuichiro, Hyakuya Mikaela by Union Creative
  • mendHdge Hyakuya Yuichiro, Hyakuya Mikaela, Ichinose Guren by Union Creative
  • Moritomo Nozomi by Union Creative
  • Regina by Amie-Grand
  • Sansei Muramasa Racing Queen Red Ver. by Orcatoys
  • Ignis by WING
  • Super Pochaco by A-Toys
  • Okuyama Kie Suntan Ver. by Daiki Kougyou
  • Parasol Figure Asuna, Leafa by Genco
  • Dollfie Dream Sinon by Volks
  • Medicchu Kikuchi Makoto, Akizuki Ritsuko, Ganaha Hibiki by Phat! company
  • Kikuchi Makoto, Hagiwara Yukiho, Nanao Yuriko by Phat! company
  • figma Shimamaru Uzuki by Max Factory
  • Matoi Ryuko Kamui Kisaragi by Good Smile Company

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