(18+) Coming Soon – December week 5, 2019

2019 is almost over and this is the last "Coming Soon" of the year. Some changes will be made to Nekomagic in the 2020. But don’t worry, the weekly "Coming Soon" will still be here every Monday. =]

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  • Q posket Saotome Ranma by Bandai Spirits
  • Dragon Ball Legends Collab WCF Vol. 2 by Bandai Spirits
  • My Hero Academia the Movie – Heroes Rising VS Villain -Deku- by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Mimura Kanako, Sinon Maid Ver., Yazawa Nico by Bandai Spirits
  • DBS Blood of Saiyans -Special VII- by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Super Dragon Ball Heroes 9th Anniversary Figure -Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gogeta- by Bandai Spirits
  • Dragon Ball Legends Collab -Son Gohan- by Bandai Spirits
  • Q posket Kinomoto Sakura Vol.2 by Bandai Spirits
  • LPM Alice Ver.1.5 by SEGA
  • SPM Rem Welcome to Lugnica Air Lines by SEGA
  • PM Takarada Rikka by SEGA
  • LPM Megumin Gym Uniform Ver. by SEGA
  • Sakurajima Mai Haregi Ver. by ANIPLEX+
  • Ristarte by Fots Japan
  • Super Sonico by WAVE
  • Figuarts mini Kaname Madoka, Akemi Homura by Bandai Spirits
  • Shio by WING
  • Avenger/Jeanne d’Arc [Alter] by Licorne
  • Levantine Bell by KADOKAWA
  • Alisa Ilynichna Amiera, Maya (Summer Uniform) by PLUM
  • Levi by Kotobukiya
  • Inferno by Good Smile Company
  • Emilia, Rem -Crystal Dress Ver.- by eStream
  • White Heart by AMAKUNI
  • M ~Histoire d’M~ by Magic Bullet(s)
  • Igawa Asagi by Second Axe
  • Nendoroid G11, UMP9, Ristarte by Good Smile Company

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(18+) Coming Soon – July week 1, 2019

Can you believe that it is already July! That means WonFes is coming in a few weeks. Wow I’m so excited! =D

  • Hi! Cheese! Takami Chika, SSS Rem -Yukionna- by FuRyu
  • Q posket Neko Musume, Age of Heroes -Uravity- by Bandai Spirits
  • DXF ~The Grandline Men~ Wano Country Vol.1 by Bandai Spirits
  • One Piece Stampede Posing figure Vo.1 by Bandai Spirits
  • One Piece Stampede Glitter&Glamours -Nami- by Bandai Spirits
  • Dragonball Legends Collab WCF Vol.1 by Bandai Spirits
  • Bardock, The strongest parent and child by Bandai Spirits
  • Dragonball Legends Collab -Goku Black- by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Kaname Madoka Swimsuit Ver., Sagisawa Fumika by Bandai Spirits
  • Naruto Grandista -Shinobi Relations- Naruno Sakura by Bandai Spirits
  • SPM Archer of Red by SEGA
  • Ca Evi by Eighteen
  • Soma Schicksal by Union Creative
  • Shio by WING
  • Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta by Bandai Spirits
  • Figuarts Zero Portgas D Ace, Edward Newgate by Bandai Spirits
  • P.O.P Boa Hancock Ver.BB_EX by Megahouse
  • Precious G.E.M. series Nagisa Kaworu by Megahouse
  • Persona 3 Thanatos by Megahouse
  • Tanaka Kotoha, Sakuma Mayu Feel My Heart Ver. Pearl edition by Amiami
  • Ganaha Hibiki by Aoshima
  • Suou Momoko by Phat! company
  • Rokugo Saori by Wanderer
  • Yue, Shea Haulia by Kotobukiya
  • Kizuna AI A.I. Party! ~Birthday with U~ by Stronger
  • Hoshino Hinata, Shirosaki Hana, Himesaka Noa Uniform Ver. by Fots Japan
  • Raphtalia & Filo by Pulchra
  • Nendoroid Akeoshi Subaru by Orange Rouge
  • Nendoroid Toyama Kasumi Stage Outfit Ver., Senko-san by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Bruno Bucciarati, Giorno Giovanna by Medicos

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