Hello, good-bye Rindou Natsume 1/8 GK by Volks Turn A-brand

Volks Turn A-brand is going to release the Rindou Natsume ( 竜胆 棗 ) 1/8 cold cast GK form the eroge “Hello, good-bye” published by Lump of sugar. Will be first released Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter] on February 6, 2011. Around 200mm tall, 11,000 yen. 18 parts in total. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – January week 5, 2011:

Just like last week, we have so many Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter] exclusive figure news this week too. =]

  • figma No.100 by Max Factory
  • Takamachi Nanoha by Banpresto
  • Fate Testarossa by Banpresto
  • Mistral by Volks
  • Maxima by Volks
  • Mini Ika Musume by ???
  • Maid Bride Comic cover illustration Ver. by Q-six
  • Sheryl Nome WF Limited Spade Ver. by Banpresto
  • Sheryl Nome WF Limited Heart Ver. by Banpresto
  • Busou Shinki Alastor by Konami
  • Busou Shinki Cygnus by Konami
  • Rindou Natsume by Turn A-brand
  • Saber Lily by Volks

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