(18+) Coming Soon – February week 4, 2019:

I’m so excited! Those new figures from WAVE, Q-six, and Daiki are looking really great! I really want to see the Super Sonico, Vlad Tepes, and the Usagi Girl! =D

  • Glitter & Glamours -Nekomusume-, EXQ Hot Spring Yuki by Banpresto
  • Figure Spirits Kuji: Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji: The IDOLM@STER Million Live ~Harmony Festival!!~ by Banpresto
  • PM Pitohui by SEGA
  • Iijima Yun Bunny Ver., Noire by Fots Japan
  • Mashiro Icone & Maku Roiko by Fots Japan
  • Neptunia by Pulchra
  • Lynn Minmay by Arcadia
  • Desktop Army FAGirl KT-240d Baselard (Dragoon spec) by Megahouse
  • G.E.M. series Zero by Megahouse
  • Asuna, Figure-riseLABO Hoshino Fumina [The Second Scene] by Bandai Spirits
  • Palm top Noja Loli Ojisan by Hobby Japan
  • Fate EXTRA CCC Caster Shinwa Reiso by Kenelephant
  • [Summer Usamin] Abe Nana, Takebe Saori [Valentine Apron] by WAVE
  • Akagi, Kaga, Prinz Eugen, Super Sonico [Bikini style] by WAVE
  • Asaji Maromi, DeepWebUnderground, Vlad Tepes by Q-six
  • Chinese Girl Xiaohua, Takatsuki Akiko by Daiki Kougyou
  • Kagurazaka Reina, Usagi Girl, F-ism Girl Katana Maid by Daiki Kougyou
  • Pop Up Parade series by Good Smile Company
  • WA2000 Op. Manta Ray Ver., Nendoroid 416 by Good Smile Company

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(18+) Coming Soon – January week 3, 2019:

Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] is coming next month (February 10, 2019)! WonFes exclusive figure/GK news are starting to pop up here and there. Now I’m super excited!! =D

  • Hatsune Miku x TAITO Station by TAITO
  • Marvel Goukai Spider-man by Banpresto
  • EXQ Maekawa Miku, Wedding Alice by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji: Monster Strike Vol.4 by Banpresto
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd year student feat. March 08 by SEGA
  • PM Teruzuki Swimsuit mode, Pitohui by SEGA
  • PM Tsurumaki Kokoro Vocalist Collection No.3 by SEGA
  • PM Mitake Ran Vocalist Collection No.4 by SEGA
  • PM Toyama Kasumi Vocalist Collection No.5 by SEGA
  • SPM Tohsaka Rin by SEGA
  • LPM Asuna, Summer Beach Rem by SEGA
  • Medium/Big Rimuru Tempest by Village Vanguard
  • Takarada Rikka & Shinjo Akane by FIGUREX
  • Takarada Rikka & Shinjo Akane by Pulchra
  • Desktop Army Frame Arms Girl KT-240d Baselard (Dragoon Spec) by Megahouse
  • Megami Device Option Parts Set 005 for Ausra by Kotobukiya (manufactured by Rampage)
  • Vocal Collection Minato Yukina from Roselia by ???
  • Misaki Shie “Natsukusa”, Oni Musume Hiiragi-chan by Daiki Kougyou
  • figma Saber Alter 2.0 by Max Factory
  • Wonda-chan Next Door Project File: 07 Poko Ver. by Kaiyodo

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Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online – Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Desktop Army trading figure by Megahouse

Megahouse is going to release the Desktop Army ( デスクトップアーミー ) Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online ( ソードアート・オンライン オルタナティブ ガンゲイル・オンライン ) trading figure form the light novel/anime “Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online” ( ソードアート・オンライン オルタナティブ ガンゲイル・オンライン, SAOAGGO), a spin-off of “Sword Art Online” ( ソードアート・オンライン ). Will be released in late May 2019. Around 80mm tall, 1,780 yen each; 5,340 yen for a BOX of 3 pieces. Total of 3 to collect in the set. Continue reading »