Blade Arcus from Shining EX – Pairon 1/8 PVC figure by Aquamarine

Aquamarine is going to release the Pairon ( 白き雷龍 パイロン ) 1/7 PVC figure form the “Shining” game series “Blade Arcus from Shining EX” ( ブレードアークス from シャイニングEX) published by SEGA. Will be released in November 2018. Around 280mm tall, 15,800 yen. Continue reading »

(18+) Coming Soon – September week 5, 2017

We have so many prize figure news and a new Super Sonico figure this week! We haven’t have any new Super Sonico figures for quite a while. I hope this one will looks great. =]

  • Noodle Stopper Asuna by FuRyu
  • DXF Yotuba Tamaki, SQ Tamaki Iroha by Banpresto
  • WCF Osomatsu-san chess, One Piece -20th Limited- Vol.2 by Banpresto
  • Scultures BIG Special Gear Fourth Monkey.D.Luffy -Special Color Ver.- by Banpresto
  • Glitter & Glamours -Nefeltari.Vivi- by Banpresto
  • DBS DXF ~The Super Warriors~ Vol.5 by Banpresto
  • DBZ Com:Figuration GOGETA vol.1 & 2 by Banpresto
  • DBGT SCultures BIG Colosseum 7 -Special- by Banpresto
  • EXQ Takami Chika, Sakurauchi Riko, EXQ Watanabe Yo by Banpresto
  • Hybrid Metal Figuration Woody by Marvelous Toys
  • Chino (Cafe Style) by PLUM
  • Nero Claudius & Arturia Pendragon by Alphamax
  • Nero Claudius by Aoshima
  • Racing Miku 2017 Ver. by Hobby Japan
  • Pairon by FLARE
  • Rurisen by EMONTOYS
  • Ange by Medicos Entertainment
  • P.O.P Vinsmoke Reiju by Megahouse
  • Shirakawa Miyako, Kani Nayuta by Kotobukiya
  • Wooden Horse by STP (Skytube Premium)
  • Z:GO Act 2 Active and Wet by Progress
  • figma Tsushima Yoshiko by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Roll by Good Smile Company
  • Kato Megumi Dress Ver., Super Sonico Hot Limit Ver., Anastasia by Good Smile Company

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Shining Beach Heroines – Pairon Swimsuit Ver. non-scale PVC figure by FLARE

FLARE is going to release the Pairon ( パイロン ) Swimsuit Ver. ( 水着Ver.) non-scale PVC figure form the “Shining” game series “Shining Beach Heroines” ( シャイニング・ビーチヒロインズ ). Will be released in May 2018. Around 260mm tall, 11,800 yen. Continue reading »