Yuru Camp – Ogaki Chiaki Nendoroid No.1266 action figure by Max Factory

Max Factory is going to release the Nendoroid No.1266 Ogaki Chiaki ( 大垣千明 ) non-scale PVC action figure from the manga/anime “Yuru Camp” ( ゆるキャン△, Laid-Back Camp). Will be released in June 2020. Around 100mm tall, 5,500 yen. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – January week 3, 2020

What happen to all those Rem figures coming out all of sudden? Because of Isekai Quartet season 2?

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  • SSS Gilgamesh by FuRyu
  • DBZ G x materia Son Gohan by Bandai Spirits
  • Glitter & Glamours -Lunch- II by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Ram & Rem Special assortment Vol.2 by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Sinon Maid Ver. by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Tensura ~Private Tempest Academy~ by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Re:Zero Slumber Tea Party by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: KonoSuba! Crimson Legend ~Sweet Happy Life~ by Bandai Spirits
  • Deformed series LuLuMeCu Rem by B’full
  • Takarada Rikka Wedding Dress Ver. by Fots Japan
  • Rem by TOYSEIIKI
  • Hatsune Miku Shunya Yamashita Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • Avenger/Jeanne d’Arc [Alter] by Licorne
  • Saber Alter Kimono Ver. by KADOKAWA (manufactured Revolve)
  • Erza Scarlet Swimsuit Gravure_Style by Orcatoys
  • figma Iwatani Naofumi by Max Factory
  • Hatsune Miku MIKU EXPO 5th Anniversary Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Ogaki Chiaki by Max Factory

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(18+) Coming Soon – March week 2, 2019:

It sux. I’m still sick. We have measles outbreak in Vancouver and I was so worried that I might got measles because I had most of the initial symptoms. It turned out it was just regular flu. It scared the hell out of me. XD

  • Kizuna AI, Hatsune Miku 2nd season Spring ver. by TAITO
  • Mini Excalibur Morgan, Fate/Grand Order Mini Figure 4 by FuRyu
  • Noodle Stopper Caster/Nitocris, Felicia by FuRyu
  • SSS Mijuku Dreamer -Kurosawa Ruby- by FuRyu
  • DBZ Banpresto World Figure Colosseum 2 Vol.1-9 by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji Bakemonogatari by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball The Android Battle with DB fighters by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~Summer Vacation begins~ by Bandai Spirits
  • PM Kinomoto Sakura by SEGA
  • Platelet chibi figure, Kuga Asaka by Pulchra
  • P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM Monkey D. Luffy Fourth Gear Snakeman by Megahouse
  • Megami Device Agatsuma Kaede [Kaiden], Kaneshia Shitara by Kotobukiya
  • Megami Device Ichijo Ayaka, Aikawa Aika by Kotobukiya
  • Handscale Girl Gourai by Kotobukiya
  • Erza Scarlet Bunny girl_Style /type white by Orcatoys
  • Jinno Megumi ~Home Visit Ver.~ Limited Edition by PLUM
  • Rize Cafe Style Limited Edition by PLUM
  • Aoi by Samelap
  • Chinese Girl Koharu by Daiki Kougyou
  • Ohara Mari Blu-ray Jacket Ver. by WithFans!
  • Nendoroid Zelda Breath of the Wild Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Ogaki Chiaki, Inuyama Aoi by Max Factory

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(18+) Coming Soon – November week 4, 2018:

We have so many Girls und Panzer figures this week! By the way, the Girls und Panzer das Finale moive ep2 is coming out on June 15, 2019. The ep1 was released on December 2017 so it’s like 1 episode in every 1.5 year. I guess we will not be able to see the last episode (ep6) until year 2025. XD

  • Noodle Stopper Sinon by FuRyu
  • Hatsune Miku 2nd season Winter Ver. by TAITO
  • EXQ Haruna Shopping mode by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji: Darling in the Franxx by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji: Fate/EXTRA Last Encore by Banpresto
  • Himeragi Yukina, Kirasaka Sayaka, Suzukaze Aoba by Fots Japan
  • Gasha Portraits Girls and Panzer by Bandai
  • Desktop Army F-606s Frea series by Megahouse
  • P.O.P. SA-MAXIMUM Roronoa Zoro Ver. Sanzen Sekai!!! by Megahouse
  • Yozakura by Hobby Stock
  • Uraraka Ochako Hero Suit Ver. by Takara Tomy
  • Misaka Mikoto by Kotobukiya
  • Mental Model TAKAO Sailor Ver. by quesQ
  • Samurai (Katanako) Maid Style, Yamada Elf by quesQ
  • Eldridge by PLUM
  • [Little Hero] Nanjo Hikaru, [Summer Usamin] Abe Nana by WAVE
  • Chiyo by Emontoys
  • Yukishiro May by Orchidseed
  • Amakaki Hinata Silk Apron Ver., Izumo Iori by Daiki Kougyou
  • Character by Oda Non by FROG
  • Hyodo Michiru Swimsuit Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Doll Saber/Altria Pendragon [Alter] Shinjuku Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Inuyama Aoi & Ogaki Chiaki by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Hatsuen Miku Symphony 2018-2019 Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Hermione Granger by Good Smile Company
  • Erika Itsumi by Medicos Entertainment
  • SiP Doll Nishizumi Miho & Nishizumi Maho by Yanoman
  • Anchovy by Union Creative
  • Shimada Alice Wonderland color ver. by Kotobukiya
  • DreamTech Takebe Saori [Valtentine Apron] by WAVE
  • DreamTech Reizei Mako, Kay Panzer Jacket Ver. by WAVE

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Coming Soon – July week 5, 2018:

Yeah I finally got my car for Japan! Needed to spend so much time and money to make it possbile to be registered and insuraced in Canada. It was so stressful and it’s finaly over!! Now I can focus myself on the WonFes report and my 3D printer. =D

  • Patchouli Knowledge, Momo Belia Deviluke, SSS Rem Red hood by FuRyu
  • DXF My Hero Academia No.3 by Banpresto
  • Grandista -Shinobi Relations- Uchiha Sasuke by Banpresto
  • WFC Super Dragon Ball Hero Vol.3, SSGSS Son Goku, Gogeta by Banpresto
  • WCF One Piece -Mugiwara 56-vol.2, One Piece magazine figure by Banpresto
  • Lady Edge:Wedding -Nefeltari Vivi- by Banpresto
  • PM Akai Shuichi, PM Serval
  • Serval & Common Raccoon, Fennec Fox by SEGA
  • Saber/Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) by Aniplex+
  • Scathach Bunny that Pierces with Death Ver. by Alter
  • Akagi Miria well-behaved maid Ver. by PLUM
  • Deathlok-san by Insight
  • Mirai School Swimsuit Ver., Yozakura Suit Ver., Rosehip by Fots-Japam
  • Tokisaki Kurumi Uniform Ver. by Pulchra
  • Kaguya Luna by Wonderful Works
  • Kanzaki Ranko by Knead
  • Phantom Thief Lapin by Anime University Coop (manufactured by Stronger)
  • Surokai by Myethos
  • Super Sonico Cat ear Glasses by Union Creative
  • Asakura Yoh & Asakura Hao by Kotobukiya
  • Saber/Okita Soji [Alter], Saber/Altria Pendragon [Lily], Lancer/Minamoto no Yorimits by Aquamarine
  • Endro! series, Annette, Caster/Nitocris by Hobby Japan
  • G.E.M.EX serise Mew & Mewtwo by Megahouse
  • P.O.P Limited Edition Boa Hancock Ver.BB_3rd Anniversary by Megahouse
  • Super Sonico Libra Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Shima Rin, Inuyama Aoi, Ogaki Chiaki by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Oono Akira TV Animation Ver., Miyamo Chio by Good Smile Company

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