Coming Soon – April week 5, 2015:

Golden week is coming next week and hopefully I’ll be less busy and I can take some time off fixing my car for Summer. XD

  • Color Collect Diabolik Lovers, Decorich+ Tales of series by MOVIC
  • Himeki Chifuyu by FuRyu
  • Ayanokouji Aoi by Orchidseed
  • Nurse Momoi by Native
  • Moritomo Nozomi, Ginoza Nobuchika, Midosuji Akira, Onoda Sakamichi by Union Creative
  • Hdge technical statue No.7 Ca Crab & Wistaria Ver. by Union Creative
  • Col. Oliga by Daiki Kougyou
  • Frame Arms Girl Gourai Oversea Edition by Kotobukiya
  • Black Magician Girl, Beelzebub ~Statue of Gluttony Blue Outfit Ver. by AMAKUNI
  • S.H.Figuarts Nishikino Maki by Bandai
  • Kosaka Honoka & Sonoda Umi LoveLive! First Fan Book Ver. by Toy’s works
  • Shiba Miyuki by Broccoli
  • TAKAO by Aoshima
  • Super Sonico OL Ver. by WING
  • Hestia by Kotobukiya
  • figma Yukikaze by Max Factory
  • Kogitsunemaru by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo, Shiren, Kashu Kiyomitsu by Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – February week 1, 2015:

Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] is coming this Sunday and I’ll be super busy in these 2-3 weeks for all the Wonfes news! (@@.

  • Bath Defor Nanase Haruka, Misaka Makoto by Groove Garage
  • Chocolte Kotobuki Tsumug, Nakano Azusa, Hirasawa Ui by Broccoli
  • Luxuria, Noel by Broccoli
  • Berserk series by threezero
  • Celia Cumani Aintree by BEAT
  • Yukine Chris Bunny style ~White edition~ by Aquamarine
  • Midosuji Akira Standard Ver., Yokai Ver., Devil Ver. by Union Creative
  • Rolling Girls Moritomo Nozomi by Union Creative
  • Super Sonico by A-Toys
  • Beach Queens Tachibana Marika by WAVE
  • P.O.P. Eustass captain Kid, Killer by Megahouse
  • FA:G Frame Architect & Stilett by Kotobukiya
  • DC Comics Bishoujo Raven by Kotobukiya
  • Marvel Comics Bishoujo Wasp by Kotobukiya
  • Super Pochaco Cow Girl WF2015W exclusive Ver. by Vertex
  • Himekawa Hayuru by Alphamax
  • Lieselotte Sherloc Swimwear Ver. by PLUM
  • Super Pochaco Lingerie Football Cosplay Ver. by Kaitendoh Continue reading »

Coming Soon – September week 4, 2014:

After a long slow week, the manufacturers finally decided to give us tons of up coming figure news!

  • AGP Atago by Bandai
  • S.H.Figuarts Love Live! series by Bandai
  • Figuarts Zero Sabo New World Ver. by Bandai
  • Figuarts Zero Portgas D Ace -Battle Ver.- by Bandai
  • CharaGumin Super Sonico & Super Pochaco Swimsuit Ver., Isara Gunther by Volks
  • Sakura Kyoko & Miki Sayaka Maiko Ver. by Anplex+
  • Mikasa Ackerman by Union Creative
  • Midosuji Akira by Union Creative
  • Sento Isuzu by Kyoto Animation
  • Alisia Heart by Alter
  • Hentai Vol.02 Rodeo Girl, Rodeo Girl Red Ver. by Lechery
  • P.O.P “Limited Edtion” Nami Mugiwara Ver.2 by Megahouse
  • World Uniform Operation Momozono Love & Higashi Setsuna by Megahouse
  • RAH Akiyama Yukari by Medicom Toy
  • RAH Sebastian Michaelis by Medicom Toy
  • P!cconeemo Character Series Matsunaga Yui by AZONE
  • Nendoroid Yukimura Aoi by Good Smile Company
  • figFIX Amatsukaze, Mutsu, Nagato, Anchovy by Max Factory
  • figma Amatsukaze by Max Factory
  • I-168 Half Damage Ver. by Max Factory Continue reading »