(18+) Coming Soon – November week 5, 2020

I was trying to build a new PC because Black Friday. Most of the parts were cheap so I bought every parts that I needed except the CPU! What happened to the price of CPU on Black Friday??? They were cheaper just 2 weeks ago ($180 2 weeks ago and $245 on BF; $260 2 weeks ago and $300-450 on BF) and still all sold out!? What the heck. Now I stuck with all the new parts without a CPU, lol.

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  • Itadori Yuji, Sakura Mik ~2nd season~ by TAITO
  • SSS Ram -The Sleeping Beauty-, SP Hoshino Kirara by FuRyu
  • Hatsune Miku assortment ~Magical Mirai 2020 Sumer Festival Ver.~ by Bandai Spirits
  • LPM Leafa Ex-chronicleVer. by SEGA
  • Piccodo Protagonist by Genesis
  • Gojo Satoru by Shibuya Scramble Figure (eStream)
  • Hatsune Miku x ESP Doll Action Figure Nexus by Heart ltd
  • Sakura Miku by Spiritale
  • KAITO, Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX by F:NEX (FuRyu)
  • Tsuyuri Kanao by Megahouse
  • Gasha Portraits ~Ayame & Fujisawa Aya~ by Bandai Spirits
  • Gigantic series Son Goku & Son Gohan by PLEX
  • Azuki & Coconut Racing Queen Ver. by Nekoyome
  • Amazing Yamaguchi Bakugo Katsuki by Kaiyodo
  • X Second Armor, Rockman/Megaman by Kotobukiya
  • Maekawa Miku ~off stage~ by Kotobukiya
  • Kasumigaoka Utaha Maid Ver. by ANPLEX+
  • Erza Scarlet, Gajeel Redfox, Jellal Fernandes by Fots Japan
  • Vanilla & Chocola China Dress Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • POP UP PARADE Cinnamon, Maple, Azuki, Coconut by Good Smile Company
  • 7th Villager by Vertex
  • Hinamori Sakurako Swimsuit Ver. by Insight
  • figma Dai, Kamado Nezuko by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Evante, Gojo Satoru by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Symphony 5th Anniversary Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Leona Kingscholar by ANIPLEX+
  • Nendoroid Kamado Tanjiro : Final Selection Ver. by Good Smile Company

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(18+) Coming Soon – July week 5, 2020

A heat wave just heat us. It’s hot here in Vancouver!!! By the way, did you guys see the comet NEOWISE? Wow, it is beautiful! It is my first time see a comet with my own eyes! =D

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  • Cocoa Cheerleader Ver. by FuRyu
  • SSS Rem The Little Mermaid by FuRyu
  • Mizuhara Chizuru, Nanami Mami, Sarashina Ruka, Sakurasawa Sumi, Ichinose Chizuru by Bandai Spirits
  • SPM Kamado Tanjiro, Amamiya Sakura by SEGA
  • Kagura Nana artist mode by RIBOSE
  • Milim by HOBBYMAX
  • Hakurei Reimu Touhou Lost Word Ver. by ???
  • Makise Kurisu by WAVE
  • "Muse Dash" Rin Bunny Girl Ver. by APEX
  • Shibuya Sofubi Arts Goblin Slayer by eStream
  • KDcolle Date A Live Light Novel White Queen by KADOKAWA
  • Gattai Atlanger by Aoshima
  • ACKS V.F.G. Macross Frontier VF-25G Super Messiah Klan Klang by Aoshima
  • Nana Abe Puripuri Usamin Ver. by Broccoli
  • Leona Kingscholar, Riddle Rosehearts by ANIPLEX+
  • Hashibira Inosuke, Tomioka Giyu, Kocho Shinobu by ANIPLEX+
  • ConoFig Kamado Tanjiro & Kamado Nezuko by ANIPLEX+
  • GCCDX Rockman & Forte (Megaman & Bass) by Megahouse
  • Dracap Re Birth Super Power Awakening Edition by Megahouse
  • Desktop Army Asuka Shikinami Langley & EVA Unit 02 by Megahouse
  • Mifune Miyu, Ludens Black Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • Yakushiji Megumi by Good Smile Company
  • figma Jeanne d’Arc Racing Ver. by Max Factory
  • Shizuku-chan by Fots Japan
  • ??? by Daiki Kougyou
  • Lewd Extreme Sadistic Policewoman AkikoVer.III by APLUS
  • Mizuki Shiranui by Mouse Unit
  • M ~Histoire d’M~ by Magic Bullet(s)
  • Nendoroid Steven Allan Starphase by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Mugen, Fotiaoqiang by Good Smile Arts Shanghai
  • Natsuiro Matsuri, Luo Tianyi by Good Smile Arts Shanghai
  • Nendoroid Tsurugi Hina Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – August week 1, 2016:

Sorry I didn’t post this “Coming Soon” last night. My internet service provider sux. My internet connection was lost all of sudden at mid-night and it didn’t come back before I went to bed. =/

  • Black Magician Girl, Super Sonico Holy Girl, Urakaze “Holiday” by FuRyu
  • Noodle Stopper Lala Satarin Deviluke by FuRyu
  • SPM Kaga ~Kaga Misaki~, Shoho Kai by SEGA
  • SPM Sonoda Umi -Sunny Day Song-, Hatsune Miku -innocent- by SEGA
  • PM Shin Godzilla by SEGA
  • SQ Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart- Under-Blade by Banpresto
  • SQ Shimakaze -Four Seasons of Naval Base- by Banpresto
  • SQ Kirishima & Haruna -Ceylon Tea Party- by Banpresto
  • Kaiju Girl Agira by Surprise Next
  • 4Inch-nel Super Rockman/Megaman & Cut Man by Sen-ti-nel
  • Megurine Luka -Hanairogoromo- by Stronger
  • IDOLM@STER 10th Memorial Figure (Shimamura Uzuki, Amami Haruka, Kasuga Mirai) by Aniplex+
  • Super Sonico OL Ver. by Native
  • G.E.M. Davis Motomiya & Veemon, Leomon & Jeri Katou by Megahouse
  • Dragon Ball Gals Chichi Child Ver., Lunch Black Hair Ver. by Megahouse
  • P.O.P. “S.O.C” Sabo by Megahouse
  • Nitta Minami Sleeping Little Devil Ver., figma Mumei by Max Factory
  • Mumei by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Freyja Wion, Nendoroid Mikumo Guynemer by Good Smile Company

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