Coming Soon – September week 5, 2016:

Max Factory is having their own exhibition by themselves! I’m moving this week so I don’t think I’ll have time to post the exhibition report this week. I’ll see if I will have time next week then. Oh wait, I also have the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016 report to do. Hopefully I can get the internet setup in the new place ASAP. Moving sux!!! X(

By the way, I’ll have to put my figures into their boxes and I’ll need to unbox them in my new place again. I hate moving!! X(

I’ll try to post the exhibition report if I have time this week.

  • Akiyama Yukari, Kafu Chino, Noodle Stopper Kotegawa Yui, Caligula by FuRyu
  • DXF Saitama by Banpresto
  • DXF Hijikata Toshiro & Sakata Gintoki Special Color Ver. by Banpresto
  • WCF JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable. Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • Creator x Creator Shirahoshi, Silvers Rayleigh by Banpresto
  • The Nake ~2017 One Piece Body Calendar~ Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • Dragon Ball Collection Vol. 2 by Banpresto
  • Dramatic Showcase ~4th aeason~ Vol. 1 by Banpresto
  • SPM Love Live! Sunshine!! by SEGA
  • Togo Mimori by Alter
  • Miyaguni Akari by WAVE
  • Street Fighter Bishoujo Rainbow Mika by Kotobukiya
  • Ultimate Madoka by Aniplex+
  • Todo Kirin by Aspire
  • CharaGumin Alice Shimada by Volks
  • RAH DX Haman Karn by Megahouse
  • Hakamada Hinata White Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Mimi Balguerie Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Caster/Medea [Lily] by PLUM
  • Chocollect Premium ~Koi ni Naritai Aquarium~ by Bandai
  • Max Factory Figure Exhibition 2016
  • Nendoroid Takami Chika by Good Smile Company Continue reading »

(18+) Coming Soon – August week 8, 2016:

Sorry I’m still working on the Part B of WF2016[Summer]. Hopefully I can post it on Tusesday night. Oh by the way, I got some uncensored images of the Kunagisa Miho figure!!! =D

  • “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Chobirume Figure -CYaRon!- by FuRyu
  • “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Chobirume Figure -AZALEA- by FuRyu
  • Mirage Farina Jenius by Banpresto
  • Todo Jinpachi by Union Creative
  • Miyauchi Renge by Pulchra
  • Caster/Medea Lily by PLUM
  • Sansei Muramasa Atonement Ver. by WING
  • Deena Challenger by Hobby Japan
  • Charlotte Soul of Knights by Kotobukiya
  • P.O.P. Nami Ver.BB_02 Repaint by Megahouse
  • Palmate Jin Yuichi, Sakuma Rei, Sakuma Ritsu by Megahouse
  • Tsukiumi by Orchidseed
  • Beach Girl Selfie Kunagisa Miho by Daiki Kougyou
  • figma Black Magician Girl by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Rem by Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – July week 5, 2016:

I’m so excited after WonFes! So many nice figures are coming out soon and it’s time to say goodbye to Mr. Wallet. again. Not many things to see in Coming Soon this week since we have seen a lot more nicer stuff in WonFes yestarday. =P

  • Hamakaze by TAITO
  • PM Karibuchi Hikari, Manaka Lala ~Summer Dress~ by SEGA
  • Miyauchi Renge by FIGUREX
  • Mimi Balguerie, Takenaka Tsubaki, Takenaka Hiragi, Hakamada Kagetsu, Fujii Masami Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Lancer/Scathach, Caster/Medea Lily by PLUM
  • Reika by Union Creative
  • King Joe by Surprise Next
  • G.E.M. Lilimon & Tachikawa Mimi by Megahouse
  • Street Fighter Bishoujo Rainbow Mika by Kotobukiya
  • Marvel Bishoujo Squirrel Girl by Kotobukiya
  • DC Comics Ikenmen Nightwing by Kotobukiya
  • Yukishiro Fuyuka Damage Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg by AZONE
  • 2Paishin Super Sonico, Tamaki Ako by Di molto bene
  • Masaki Gaillard, Sakurai Aoi, Yudachi Kai Ni by Broccoli
  • Nendoroid Mirana, Dragon Knight, Deadpool by Good Smile Company
  • figma Anti-Mage, Windranger by Good Smile Company

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