Review: Kishinhoukou Demonbane Al Azif 1/8 PVC figure by Alter

Reviewed by GGT

As you know I own a lot of figures and still buying a lot of figures every month, but I am not used to write figure review. Last time I wrote a figure review was, wow, half year ago! Since we don’t have any figure news today, so I decided to digged up some figure old photo that I took long time ago and write some review. =]

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Fate stay night Saber & Demonbane Al Azif Garage Kit by Griffon Enterprises

Limited 100 each, Saber from “Fate Stay Night” and Al Azif from “Demonbane”, are going to release TODAY by Griffon Enterprises as Garage Kit. Around 150mm tall, 5,040Yen each. Continue reading »