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(18+) Coming Soon – January week 4, 2016:

I pre-ordered both Ro-500 and Hoppouseiki right away when I saw them in the 42nd Prize Fair. Looks like the Ro-500 turns out pretty well but sadly the Hoppouseiki doesn’t look as good. Oh well, she costs less than 2,000 yen so I don’t really mind. =P

  • Ro-500 “Holiday” by TAITO
  • Hoppouseiki “Major Damage” by TAITO
  • KanColle Deformation Figure Vol. 6 (Hosho, Zuiho, Shoho) by TAITO
  • Figuarts Zero Yagami Taichi & Agumon tri. Ver. by Bandai
  • Aizawa Nagisa by Union Creative
  • CharaGumin HUnewearl by Volks
  • CharaGumin Super Pochaco Santa Ver. by Volks
  • Super Pochaco Patissier Ver. by Chara-Ani
  • Parfom Gwendoly by Phat! company
  • Natsuiro Shoujo Manatsu-chan Event Exclusive Ver. by Orchidseed
  • Selvaria Bles -The Special Color inspired by Initial Sketch- by Vertex
  • Selvaria Bles -Everlasting Summer- by Vertex
  • Rune-Knight by Vertex
  • Empress He by Vertex
  • figma Koizumi Hanayo by Max Factory
  • Yang Xiao Long by threezero

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