(18+) Coming Soon – April week 4, 2019:

Happy Easter Monday!!! I got A LOT of chocolate eggs this year and I’m super happy!!! =D

  • Noodle Stopper Kaiba Seto by FuRyu
  • -The Grandline Men- Portgas D Ace by Bandai Spirits
  • Blood of Saiyans -Special III- by Bandai Spirits
  • EXQ Watanabe Yo Summer Ver. by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji: Dragon Ball Super Warriors Battle Retsuden Z by Bandai Spirits
  • PM Minato Yukina School☆Days by SEGA
  • SPM Sakura Miku by SEGA
  • Hatsune Miku & Sakura Miku by SEGA
  • Senko-san by Fots Japan
  • Tokisaki Kurumi by Pulchra
  • Lucrea series Shibuki Ran & Kiriya Aoi by Megahouse
  • Desktop Army x Little Armory Shiina Rikka by Megahouse
  • Es by Bell Fine
  • Syaro Cafe Style, Megu, Chino, Maya, Shima Rin by PLUM
  • Futaba Lily Ramses by Mouse Unit
  • Index Girls Index-chan by Daiki Kougyou
  • Oni Musume Anjou-chan Huge/Small Breasts Color Variation Ver. by Insight
  • Saber/Arthur Pendragon Heroic Spirit Formal Dress Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Pop Up Parade Goblin Slayer by Good Smile Company
  • High Elf Archer by Phat! company
  • Nendoroid Gambier Bay, Nendoroid Ise Kai-II by Good Smile Company

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Goblin Slayer – High Elf Archer 1/7 PVC figure by Phat! company

Phat! company is going to release the High Elf Archer ( 妖精弓手 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Goblin Slayer” ( ゴブリンスレイヤー ). Will be released in March 2020. Around 290mm tall, 17,800 yen. Continue reading »