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Aiyoku no Eustia – Eustia Astraea -Seraphic Edition- Gemaga Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by SoftBank Creative

SoftBank Creative (manufactured by Kotobukiya) is going to release the Eustia Astraea ( ユースティア・アストレア ) -Seraphic Edition- Gemaga Ver. ( -セラフィック・エディション- ゲーマガ ) 1/8 PVC figure form the eroge “Aiyoku no Eustia” ( 穢翼のユースティア ) published by August. Will be released in March – May 2012. Around 280mm tall, 470mm long, 12,800 yen (taxed in). Gemaga magazine, SBCr Shop, Kotobukiya Shop, and Kotobukiya Direct exclusive. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – May week 4, 2011:

Here comes the “Coming Soon” post this week! By the way, we’re gonna be so broken really soon again. Because beside this Coming Soon, we will have the magazine scan and the MegaHobby Expo event post coming really soon. (@@.

  • Fate(???) by Kotobukiya
  • ??? by Orchidseed
  • Eustia Astraea by Gemaga x August Soft
  • Komeiji Satori by Griffon Enterprises
  • Houjuu Nue by Griffon Enterprises
  • Black Hanekawa by Alter
  • Angel plush by Gift
  • Kuroneko by Kotobukiya

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Coming Soon – May week 1, 2011:

Here comes the first “Coming Soon” post of May 2011! This is still Golden Week in Japan this week, so don’t expect any of these new figures will be showed up until next week.

  • Treasure Festa in Ariake 5
  • Charlotte Dunoa by ???
  • Komeiji Koishi by Griffon Enterprises
  • Figutto! FG-008 Seena Kanon by Griffon Enterprises
  • FullPuni Katsuragi Hana St. Mikhailov Academy Uniform Ver. by Evolution Toy
  • Saber Extra by Clayz
  • Satellizer el Bridget by FREEing
  • Eris by FREEing
  • Remilia Scarlet plush by Gift
  • PureNeemo Izayoi Sakuya doll by Hobby Japan x AZONE
  • PureNeemo Remilia Scarlet doll by Hobby Japan x AZONE
  • Eustia Astraea doll by AZONE
  • Good Smile Caft with Puella Magi Madoka Magica theme

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