figma – Female Swimsuit Body (Emily) figma 416 action figure by Max Factory

Max Factory is going to release the figma 416 Female Swimsuit Body (Emily) ( 水着女性body(エミリ)) action figure. Will be released in May 2019. Around 130mm tall, 3,241 yen. Continue reading »

(18+) Coming Soon – June week 3, 2018

Yeah the Zero Two is painted and she looks great! Hopefully they will make the other girls too. =D

  • Suzutsuki, Berserker of “Black” by TAITO
  • EXQ Kirito, Kurosawa Dia 2nd by Banpresto
  • Kinomoto Sakura by Souyokusha
  • Kaguya Luna by Wonderful Works
  • Nakiri Erina by Aspire
  • Mia Karnstein by Bandai
  • G.E.M. series Ash & Pikachu by Megahouse
  • Next Purple by Vertex
  • Zero Two, Makise Kurisu, Asakura Yoh & Asakura Hao by Kotobukiya
  • Yoko by WAVE
  • Reika by Lechery
  • Velvet by Q-six
  • Celia Cumani Aintree Blue Ver./Green Ver. by Insight
  • Masou Shizuka by Hobby Japan
  • Haruno Urara -Kan- Cover Girl Ver. Marshmallow Hiyakeato by Hanabatake to Bishoujo
  • Imako-san Ver. Nekomimi/Ver. Eye Mask by Okayama Figure Engineering (OFE)
  • Parfom Ver. 3.0 by Phat! company
  • Nendoroid Doll Emiri & Ryo, archetype: Girl/Boy by Good Smile Company
  • Lancer/Altria Pendragon by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Petit Kinomoto Sakura by Good Smile Company
  • Berserker/Paul Bunyan by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Shima Rin by Max Factory

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Nendoroid Doll – Emily Nendoroid Doll non-scale action figure by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid Doll ( ねんどろいどどーる ) Emily ( エミリ ) non-scale action figure from the Nendoroid Doll series, a brand new addition to the Nendoroid series. Will be released in October 2018. Around 140mm tall, 4,167 yen. Continue reading »