Coming Soon – November week 2, 2015:

I really want those Madogatari figures. (@@.

  • Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta manga dimensions by Banpresto
  • S.H.Figuarts Minami Kotori, AGP Musashi by Bandai
  • Isla poster version by New Vision Toys
  • SG Figure Series Cyan, Crow by Tsukuru no Mori
  • Ciel Phantomhive by Aniplex+
  • Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen Swimsuit Ver. by Alter
  • Hunter STD Ver. by Megahouse
  • Summoner Aludra by Hobby Japan
  • Asmodeus Chapter of Lust ~Season of Mawaku Bunny Girl White by Hobby Japan
  • RefleX FairyTale Queen of Hearts by Myethos
  • Pai Fa by Aspire
  • Shamsiel by Lechery
  • Sasaki Saeko, Celia Cumani Aintree Sunburn Ver. 2 by Daiki Koughou
  • Aihara Enju by Pulchra
  • Kuramochi Yoichi by Apricot blossom
  • figFIX Oshino Shinobu x Kyubey Madogatari Ver. by Max Factory
  • Madogatari Figure set A (Akemi Homura & Senjougahara Hitagi) by ???
  • Madogatari Figure set B (Kaname Madoka & Oshino Shinobu) by ???
  • Madogatari Figure set C (Tomoe Mami & Hanekawa Tsubasa) by ???
  • Dark Magician Girl by Max Factory
  • figma Dark Yugi, figma MEIKO by Max Factory
  • Felia by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Yoshikawa Chinatsu, Hacka Doll No.1 by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Cyan, Ayase Eli Training Outfit Ver. by Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – October week 5, 2010:

Here is the Coming Soon this week! We have some really exciting news this week and you better have your wallet ready!

  • Clayz Moe-ru Festival 7 in Akihabara
  • Kousaka Tamaki full towel Ver. by Alphamax
  • Super Sonico Y-shirt Ver. by Alphamax
  • Petit Purichi Figure Series by Evolution Toy
  • Kousaka Tamaki by Kotobukiya
  • Komaki Manaka by Kotobukiya
  • Dark Magician Girl by Kotobukiya
  • Ibuki Suika by Griffon Enterprises
  • Inubashiri Momiji, Yakumo Yukari, Yakumo Ran, Chen by Griffon Enterprises
  • Airi by A+
  • Flynn Scifo by ALTAiR

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Coming Soon – September week 4, 2010:

We have tons of new figures coming soon news this week! =D

  • Hobby Round 4
  • Takamori Haruka by Volks
  • Marie Rudel by Volks
  • Lulli by Volks
  • Dark Magician Girl by Kotobukiya
  • Takamachi Nanoha Casual wear Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • Fate Testarossa Casual wear Ver. by Kotobukiya
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