[exclusive] Fairy Tail – Erza, Gajeel, Jellal Fairy Tail x Bfull Vol.2 1/6 PMMA(PVC-L) figure set by Fots Japan

Fots Japan is going to release the Fairy Tail x Bfull Vol.2 Gray, Juvia, Wendy, Carla ( グレイ, ジュビア, ウェンディ, シャルル ) 1/6 PMMA(PVC-L) figure set from the manga/anime “Fairy Tail” ( フェアリーテイル ). Will be released in late February 2021. Around 255mm/300mm/200mm/75mm tall (Gray/Juvia/Wendy/Carla), 65,340 yen (taxed in). Fots Japane exclusive. Only 300 set will be available. Continue reading »