(18+) Sabbat of the Witch – Ayachi Nene 1/7 PVC figure by Broccoli

Broccoli is going to release the Ayachi Nene ( 綾地寧々 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the adult visual novel “Sabbat of the Witch” ( サノバウィッチ) developed by Yuzusoft. Will be released in June 2016. Around 240mm tall, 13,900 yen. Castoffable.

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(18+) Coming Soon – December week 3, 2015:

Yeah! We will have another Enju figure soon! From the design of the base, I’m pretty sure they will make Tina too. I can’t wait to have both of the in my collection! =D

  • SQ Suzuya, Kumano, Mogami, Mikuma -Ceylon Tea Party- by Banpresto
  • Lobby the Rabbit Green Ver. by Gecco
  • Guts by threezero
  • S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Trunks by Bandai
  • DOD Super Saiyan 3 Broly by Megahouse
  • Desktop Army B-101s “Sylphy” series by Megahouse
  • Desktop Army series 2 by Megahouse
  • CharaGumin Saber Bride by Volks
  • Ayachi Nene by Broccoli
  • Black Escalayer by Kaitendoh
  • Ichinose Mitsuki by Daiki Kougyou
  • Minato Tomoka ~Wedding Ver.~ by PLUM
  • Minato Tomoka White Usagi-san Ver. by PLUM
  • Aihara Enju ~Tenchu Girls Ver.~ by PLUM
  • Hdge technical statue Decapre, Black Ver., Red Ver. by Union Creative
  • Nendoroid Otosaka Ayumi, Kamiya Nao, Hojo Karen by Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – August week 4, 2015:

Long time no see people! Due to crazy workload of WonFes post, I skipped Coming Soon for couple weeks. =P

  • Super Sonico Queen of Blue, Illyasviel von Einzbern by FuRyu
  • PM Yazawa Nico ~Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki~ by SEGA
  • mensHdge Kagari Shusei, CA Karura, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Sakamaki Shu, Sakamaki Kanato by Union Creative
  • Tainaka Ritsu ~K-ON! 5th Anniversary~ by AniMaru!
  • Magma Alien by Surprise Next
  • Ayachi Nene & Chitose Sana by Broccoli
  • S.H.Figuarts Cure Beat & Super Sailor Mercury by Bandai
  • Little Princess Vania, Man Spinaria, Dark Dragoon Forte by Kotobukiya
  • Summer Helblindi, Vila, Noah by Flare
  • Master Enforcer Sylvia by quesQ
  • Winter Heroine Miku by Max Factory
  • Yueru, Cagliostro, Io, Zita Idol Ver., Medicchu Cagliostro & Claris by Phat! company
  • Anira by Alter
  • Claris by Aoshima
  • Super Pochaco ~Condensed Milk Photography Event~ , Super Sonico Cow Girl by Vertex
  • Super Sonico by FREEing
  • Suzunoki Rin & GSX400S Katana by Phat! company
  • Koishikawa Kohane by Chara-ani
  • Suzuhara Misa [Misa-nee] Summer Sailor Uniform Ver. Transparent Pink by Orcatoys
  • The Girl of Comic Unreal Vol. 7 , Cutie Honey Infinter Premium by Orcatoys
  • Sirene -Koukotsu no Demon Bird- Blood Return by Orcatoys
  • Komaki Manaka Natsuhama by Orcatoys
  • Mary by Native
  • Kenketsu Akuma Akane by Q-six
  • Daydream Collection Vol. 17 Selfie CA Ver. & Bunny Ver. by Lechery
  • Nendoroid Petit Eren Yeager Santa Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Neodoroid More Wedding Type by Good Smile Company

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Coming Soon – November week 4, 2014:

The new Nendoroid Snow Miku looks really cute! But the figma Snow Miku looks kinda weird to me. Oh, and I want that Super Sonico prize figure!! =D

  • Bumblebee by FuRyu
  • Super Sonico Winter Ver. by TAITO
  • Ayachi Nene by Broccoli
  • Suwahime Racing Ver. by PLUM
  • Beach Queen Kirisaki Chitoge by WAVE
  • Super Pochaco Lingerie Football Cos Ver. by Kaitendoh
  • Hdge Kusanagi Motoko by Union Creative
  • Hdge technical statue No.1EX Ca Strange Blue Ver. by Union Creative
  • Nakano Azusa by Kyoto Animation
  • Figuarts Zero Michelle K. Davis by Bandai
  • S.H.Figuarts Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 2 by Bandai
  • S.H.Figuarts Tuxedo Mask by Bandai
  • figam Reizei Mako by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid More Kisekae Cheer Girl by Good Smile Company
  • figma Snow Miku Snow Bell Ver. by Max Factory
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