Tales of Graces f – Asbel Lhant 1/8 PVC figure by ALTAiR

ALTAiR (Alter) is going to release the Asbel Lhant ( アスベル・ラント ) 1/8 PVC figure from the game “Tales of Graces f” ( テイルズ オブ グレイセス エフ ) published by Namco. Will be released in June 2015. Around 180mm tall, 8,800 yen. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – November week 3, 2014:

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  • Hatsune Miku by Aniplex
  • Kaneki Ken Awakened Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • ARTFX J Kinomoto Sakura by Kotobukiya
  • ARTFX J Syaoran Li by Kotobukiya
  • figma Nanase Haruka & Tachibana Makoto by Hobby Stock
  • Asbel Lhant by ALTAiR (Alter)
  • Lloyd Irving by ALTAiR (Alter)
  • Matsuoka Rin by ALTAiR (Alter)
  • Misaka Mikoto Swimsuit by Orcatoys
  • A・L・L・C Adachi Tohru from P4U2 by Atlus
  • Hental Vol.03 Shoujo x Tentacle by Lechery
  • Resi-Carat Kuroneko Gothic Lolita Bikini Ver. by Clayz
  • Beach Queens Premium Kay by WAVE
  • Beach Queens Premium Katyusha by WAVE
  • Beach Queens Premium Nonna by WAVE
  • Nendoroid Huang Lingyin by Good Smile Company

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it. Continue reading »

Tales Series Nendoroid Petit trading figure by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company is going to release the Tales Series ( 『テイルズ オブ』シリーズ ) Nendoroid Petit trading figure set from the “Tales” ( テイルズ オブ ) game series published by Namco Bandai Games. Will be released in December 2012. Around 65mm tall, 477 yen each (3,810 yen for a BOX of 8 pieces). 7 kinds + 1 secret in total. Continue reading »