(18+) Coming Soon – February week 3, 2021

Wow, I can’t wait to see all those FGO figures from ANIPLEX+. They look great! Oh by the way, we finally have our first snow this winter and it is beautiful.

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  • Chobirume figure -3rd year students- by FuRyu
  • Rem ~T-shirt Swimsuit Ver.~ Renewal by TAITO
  • Rem ~T-shirt Swimsuit Ver.~ Renewal (TAITO exclusive) by TAITO
  • TenSura WCF Vo.2 by Bandai Spirits
  • One Piece Mega WCF Kaido of the Beasts by Bandai Spirits
  • One Piece WCF -Beasts Pirates 1- by Bandai Spirits
  • Ichiban Kuji One Piece Treasure Cruise Vol.2 by Bandai Spirits
  • SPM Hatsune Miku – Pierretta by SEGA
  • Cocoa, SPM Echidna, PM Nakano Itsuki by SEGA
  • SSSS_Dynazenon Minami Yume by Pony Canyon
  • Lucrea Niijima Makoto by Megahouse
  • Touka Kairou ~Alice at the bottom of sea~ by Alumina
  • Maekawa Miku -off stage- by Kotobukiya
  • Sepia, Ogaki Chiaki, Samurai, A-Z:[A] by WING
  • Berserker/Jeanne d’Arc [Alter] Spirit Festive Wear. by ANIPLEX+
  • Saber/Altria Pendragon "under the same sky" by ANIPLEX+
  • Shielder/Mash Kyrielight "under the same sky" by ANIPLEX+
  • Artoria Caster (2nd Ascension) by ANIPLEX+
  • Foreigner/Abigail Williams [Summer] by ANIPLEX+
  • BUZZmod. Hashibira Inosuke by ANIPLEX+
  • Foreigner/Abigail Williams Spirit Festive Wear. by ANIPLEX+
  • Foreigner/Katsushika Hokusai Spirit Festive Wear. by ANIPLEX+
  • MDR Cocktail Observer Ver., Isekai Rem by Wonderful Works
  • Lila Decryus Swimsuit Ver., Rin 2015 Ver. by Wonderful Works
  • Kagurazaka Reina Ponytail Hatsufuyu Ver. by Daiki Kougyou
  • Nendoroid Kalim Al-Asim by ANIPLEX+

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