Review: Demonbane Al Azif & Another Blood 1/7 PVC figure by OrchidSeed

Wow! This is our first real review by Neko Magic!!! They are Al Azif & Another Blood 1/7 PVC figure from the eroge “Kishinhisho Demonbane” ( 機神飛翔デモンベイン ) published by Nitroplus. Released in Feburay 2008 by OrchidSeed. I just got these figures in the mail yestarday (If you’re the regular reader of Neko Magic, then you should know that I have tons of figures that are still unopened ), since I love Al Azif sooooo much, so I couldn’t wait and took them out of the box and took some pic for review right away.

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Kishinhisho Demonbane – Another Blood 1/8 PVC figure by Max Factory

Max Factory is going to release the 1/8 AnotherBlood PVC figure for the eroge Kishinhisho Demonbane ( 機神飛翔デモンベイン ) by Nitro+ in July 2008. Around 140mm tall, 7,800 Yen. Continue reading »