Mashiroiro Symphony – Angelina Nanatsu Sewell 1/8 GK by Volks Turn A-Brand

Volks Turn A-Brand is going to release the Angelina Nanatsu Sewell ( アンジェリーナ・菜夏・シーウェル ) 1/8 resin cast GK form the eroge/anime “Mashiroiro Symphony” ( ましろ色シンフォニー ). Release date unknown. Around 215mm tall, 21 parts in total, 12,600 yen (taxed in). Volks Web Site Store exclusive. Kit is not pre-painted nor assembled. Continue reading »

Coming Soon – September week 5, 2011:

This is the last week of September. How time flies! We have tons of news this week. And a lot of them are really $$$ (@@.

  • Toy’s works collection 2.5 Love Plus by Toy’s works
  • Color Collect Natusme Yujinchou by MOVIC
  • Ignis of the endless winter by Orchidseed
  • Hijiri Byakuren by Griffon Enterprises
  • Nazrin & Toramaru Sho by Griffon Enterprises
  • Strike Witches EX figure Vol. 6 Gertrud Barkhorn by SEGA
  • Luke fone Fabre by ALTAiR (Alter)
  • Milla Maxwell by Alter
  • Angelina Nanatsu Sewell by Volks Turn A-brand
  • Super Sonico Gothic Maid ver. by Gift
  • Nendoroid Menma by Good Smile Company
  • Akemi Homura by Good Smile Company
  • Gutto Kuru Figure Collection La beaute Konoe Subaru by CM’s Corp.
  • Urayukihime Swimsuit Ver. by Kotobukiya
  • Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/EXTRA Ver. by Volks
  • Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver. by Volks

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