(18+) Coming Soon – February week 2, 2018

Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] is coming in about 2 weeks! I’ll try to make a few more posts about the figure/GK that will be released in the event in these 2 weeks. Hopefully you guys/girls will like it. =]

  • Senjougahara Hitagi & Hachikuji Mayoi Owarimonogatari Ver. by TAITO
  • Rider of Black, Hatsune Miku Original Spring Outfit Ver. by TAITO
  • EXQ Watanabe You 2nd, Sakurauchi Riko 2nd, Takamori Aiko by Banpresto
  • Kirito ~Fairy Dance~ by Banpresto
  • Ichiban Kuji SAO -Game Project 5th Anniversary Part 1- by Banpresto
  • Anchovy Coco’s uniform Ver. by Coco’s x Girls und Panzer das Finale
  • Kaguya Hime, Megumin by Genesis
  • NieR:Automata Bing Arts 9S & A2 by Square Enix
  • Yatogami Tohka ~Inverse Ver.~ by Pulchra
  • Himeragi Yukina Swimsuit Ver. by Fots-Japan
  • Nemesis, Golden Darkness by Hobby Japan
  • Matoi Ryuko, Kiryuin Satsuki Hot Spring Ver. by Hobby Japan
  • Elin by FLARE
  • Dragon Ball Adverge EX Dragon Children Vol. 2 by Bandai
  • Robot Spirits & S.H.Figuarts Darling in the Frankxx series by Bandai
  • S.H.Figuarts Majin Boo by Bandai
  • GGG Lockon Stratos, The Inferno Temptress Airi by Megahouse
  • P.O.P. Limited Edition Nami New Ver. by Megahouse
  • DreamTech Darjeeling Panzer Jacket Ver. by WAVE
  • Inudo Akane Repaint by Lechery
  • Noire Competition Swimsuits Ver. SP by Kaitendoh
  • Pin-up Lady Event Limited 2nd by Orchidseed
  • Luo Tian Yi Lemon Ver. by Good Smile Company
  • Nendoroid Haruna Kai-II, Jabami Yumeko by Good Smile Company

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(18+) Coming Soon – April week 5, 2017:

Finally someone is going to make a Serval PVC figure! But sadly she will be manufactured by Chara-ani which I don’t really like it. By the way, that Kagarino Kirie looks really really nice but she is super expensive. ='(

  • Kaga ~Holiday~ by TAITO
  • Ichiban Kuji: DBZ Super Master Stars Diorama by Banpresto
  • Resolution of Soldiers vol.6 by Banpresto
  • DBZ SCultures BIG Banpresto Figure Colosseum 7 Chapter 1-6 by Banpresto
  • One Piece SCultures BIG Banpresto Figure Colosseum 6 Vol.1-6 by Banpresto
  • SQ Tomoe Mami by Banpresto
  • PM Black Hanekawa Ver.2, Nishizumi Miho, Hibiki, Uniform Figure Asuka by SEGA
  • SPM Nero Claudius by SEGA
  • SPM Takami Chika, Sakurauchi Riko, Tsushima Yoshiko -Aozora Jumping Heart- by SEGA
  • Serval by Chara-ani
  • Saiko Yuki by Grand Toys (Griffon Enterprises)
  • Super Sonico Christmas Ver. by Vertex
  • Attila Sweet Devil by Union Creative
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto by Shirogumi
  • 9S & A2 by Square Enix
  • FAL by Hobby Max
  • CharaGumin Watanabe Yo by Volks
  • Kawakami Mai by quesQ
  • Libeccio, Takamaki Ann Panther Ver. by AMAKUNI (Hobby Japan)
  • ARTFX J Joker, Charlotte Ferrier -Soul of Knights- by Kotobukiya
  • Takagaki Kaede by WAVE
  • P.O.P. SA-MAXIMUM Monkey D Luffy Gear 4th by Megahouse
  • VAH Roronoa Zoro Past Blue by Megahouse
  • HG Dragon Ball Super ~Chapter of Universe Survival~ by Bandai
  • S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku, Super Sailor Mars by Bandai
  • Figuarts Zero Sailor Saturn by Bandai
  • Bi-Syoujyo Mangekyou ~Kagarino Kirie~ by Magicbullet[s]
  • Midorikawa Hana by Aspire
  • FigFIX Nishikino Maki Cheer Girl Ver. by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Sawamura Daichi, Ushijima Wakatoshi by Orange Rouge

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