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Dokodemo Issho Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 49 R.Suzuki action figure by Kaiyodo

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 49 R.Suzuki. Same as Jun, it will be released on April 15, 2008. A tofu like robot. From the serial “Dokodemo Issho”, same serial of Toro, Kuro, and Jun. 1,955Yen Continue reading »

Dokodemo Issho Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 48 JUN action figure by Kaiyodo

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 48 JUN. Will be released on April 15, 2008. A very cute little pink rabbit. From the serial “Dokodemo Issho”, same serial of Toro, Kuro, and R.Suzuki. 1,955Yen Continue reading »

Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep4 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Really nice ep…drawing and animation had been powered up…I wonder why ep 2 can’t be like this…I am surprised that the fighting starts 8 minute after the show starts. The fighting is very exciting…last season last ep should do like this…One thing I notice that CocoNuts don’t do much things in ep 3 and 4 (ep 3 busy replying Milk letter, that’s ok they appear less, but ep 4, when they notice Palmin appears, Coco instructs Nuts and Syrup finding the Palmin (like the leader of Palmin research teamXD), other than that they just stand/sit there and talking to Syrup…they even don’t appear in battlefield)

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Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ episode 1 review

Reviewed by GGT

A screenshot from the ED.

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Lucky Star Hiiragi Kagami & Hiiragi Tsukasa non-scale PVC figures by WAVE

Lucky Star is one of my favour anime/mange. I love Kagami and Konata so much. They’re really moe. =D

WAVE is going to release miko uniform Kagami and Tsukasa non-scale PVC figures, around 140mm tall. You can buy them separately (4,095Yen each) or buy them in a set. 8,925Yen for the limited new year shrine set and 8,400Yen for the 500 limited potato set. I really want the new year shrine set but it’s too expensive. =(

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Beat Blades Haruka Sennin Narika 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is gonna release a 1/8 Sennin Narika PVC figure in June.
Will have two different version, the normal version and the limited damage version. 5500Yen

Normal version Narika:

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Figma 002 Haruhi & 003 Saber by Max Factory

Wow! Can’t believe it! Figma is gonna release the Haruhi and Saber figures in April! Now you don’t need to buy the PS2 game just to get the Haruhi figure. =D

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Hello world!

Welcome to Neko Magic! I’m the webmaster GGT (aka GuruGuruTrex) . I’ll try my best to keep this site running and hope that you will find lots of information about Anime and Figures here!

Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep3 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

This ep has nice story and drawing (though the storyline is not as strong as ep 2)…Bunbee starts to work in his new company(?), and his first job is to write a report of Precure^^ (I have the same situation as him, need to write report for assignment…Bunbee, I understand your feelingTVT) The attraction is supposed to be Syrup’s friend Melpo, but somehow Bunbee’s activity become another attraction in this ep (esp. his drawing, that’s make me laugh). In this ep, we can see: Continue reading »

Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep2 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

For storyline, this ep is really nice. For drawing, as rakuem said before, part B (when Coco is in the library) is much better than part A.

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Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep1 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Nice! Nice! Everything in this ep are excellent! So nice that I capture over 30 images for this ep..really a nice morning today because of seeing this ep….before going to pictorial comment, let me list 3 point about Syrup:

  1. He don’t like Coco (as he refuses to deliver Nozomi’s letter to Coco)
  2. Eternal knows him, and seems always getting info from him
  3. He does delivery whoever request (e,g, if Bunbee asks Syrup to deliver his application letter to Eternal, Syrup will do that as well.)

ok, let’s start the pictorial comment! Continue reading »

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