Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep2 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

For storyline, this ep is really nice. For drawing, as rakuem said before, part B (when Coco is in the library) is much better than part A.

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Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep1 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Nice! Nice! Everything in this ep are excellent! So nice that I capture over 30 images for this ep..really a nice morning today because of seeing this ep….before going to pictorial comment, let me list 3 point about Syrup:

  1. He don’t like Coco (as he refuses to deliver Nozomi’s letter to Coco)
  2. Eternal knows him, and seems always getting info from him
  3. He does delivery whoever request (e,g, if Bunbee asks Syrup to deliver his application letter to Eternal, Syrup will do that as well.)

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